Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo the first week in review

 NaBloPoMo The Golden Moth Illumination Deck

This is a recap first  7 days of NaBloPoMo.  Each day I pulled one card from the Illuminated Moth deck so see what it would say for that day.  I thought I would do a weekly recap to see how my days really did reflect what the cards had to say.  The cards this week were Locked Gate, Tree in Spring, Worm and Weed, Balanced Scales, Sitting in a Cloud, Man vs Mountain and Cycle of Life.  Here's how my week shaped up and how the cards affected them.

This month started with a locked gate. While I have many things planned for this month, birthdays (x3), an anniversary, and of course the big T Day. Then, the weekend after Thanksgiving, we set up the tree! You know, THE TREE! Even with all the plans the month will hold many unexpected things. Things I don't know about yet. Things that will change the plans, bad things, good things, all manor of things. While we can take a peek into the future we still can't see everything. And that's good! There needs to be some surprises.
While this week was relatively problem free there is a couple of difficult work things that were brewing. Tree in Spring was the beginning of a problem that needed to be addressed and began to grow up out of dormancy and demanded to be seen/heard and dealt with. Worm and weed addressed how we've managed this problem. Sort of under the surface. We planned and prepared as best we could but all that came of all that planning was a huge gigantic super weed. Really it was just an obnoxious thing and wouldn't come of much, but it was ugly and in our face, and we saw it as bigger than it really was. Balanced scales told us that. Stay balanced, don't let the ugly thing take over the good. Make sure that he doesn't demand more attention than he really needs. Don't let him tip the scales so that everyone else suffers.
Sitting in a Cloud offered up another problem. A problem that got stuck in my head and I could think of nothing else. The problem seemed very Man vs Mountain. I surly felt (still feel) that the problem is insurmountable. How will I ever get to the bottom (or top) of this problem? How will I ever work it so that I can have some security in this situation? Again the balanced scale came into play. Try to stay balanced. Don't let the problem be more than it is. Don't let it steal my peace. While working the problem in meditation I understood the Cycle of Life. This is a problem, yes, it needs to be addressed, yes, it needs to be worked and it will take time. It is important to uplift everyone here so that we all can progress and grow. And I need to remember that it is all apart of the cycle of life. In our life we will have mountains to climb, ditches to dig, plants to plant, and joy to harvest.

Did these cards speak to you this week? What did they say?


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