Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day VII Cycle of Life

Welcome to NaBloPoMo November 2012!

For the entire month of November I will focus on The Golden Moth Illumination Deck created by the ever so talented Aijung Kim. This is a wonderfully unique and original oracle deck. It's not a traditional Tarot deck but rather an intuitive oracle deck of simple drawings that will knock your socks off. The deck consists of 75 cards, 7 of which are blank and you are encouraged to draw your own cards.

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Cycle of Life

I'm a rabid gardener so I'm thrilled that Aijung uses so many gardening ideas in her deck. The cycle of life can easily be seen in your own back yard. Seasons, they are a changing.

It's fall here now. The leaves have begun their transformation, changing colors and dropping off. Tumbleweeds have dried nicely and autumn breezes are whisking them off to their next destination. My garden has been cleared of the dead and dying and remaining plants trimmed. Fragrant herbs are harvested and hung to dry. Seeds gathered for the promise of spring. It's a little naked out there now, all that remains are the roses. The roses took a beating in the extreme heat of this summer, they'll be trimmed to the ground next month before Christmas. Then the garden will look truly desolate.

This card speaks of timing to me. A special kind of timing. A slow earthy kind of timing. You plant a seed, a seedling comes, then the beautiful fruit or flower, then it must die and spread see to start all over again. What you do today, what you start today, needs time to sprout, grow and mature. You'll not see evidence over night but in a few days you'll see the tiniest bit of green, letting you know it's alive and
growing. Keep watering your garden and pay attention. For timing this could mean that it's going to be a year before your situation improves, changes.

What stage is your project in? What seeds are you planting? What seedlings are you protecting, fertilizing, nurturing? What fruit are you harvesting? What has completed it's cycle?

Great blessings!


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