Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day XXVIII Worm up a Hill

Welcome to NaBloPoMo November 2012!

For the entire month of November I will focus on The Golden Moth Illumination Deck created by the ever so talented Aijung Kim. This is a wonderfully unique and original oracle deck. It's not a traditional Tarot deck but rather an intuitive oracle deck of simple drawings that will knock your socks off. The deck consists of 75 cards, 7 of which are blank and you are encouraged to draw your own cards.

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Worm up a Hill
This is not a worm up a hill. This is a snake. See? He has his little tongue stickin out. But when I first saw this card it looked like a worm so I kinda still see it that way. Anywho, there's this snake see, and he needs to get to the top of the hill but he's got no legs, so now what? Whether he be worm or snake he's faced with the same problem, no legs. I'm always amazed at the versatility of animals. Snakes do not worry about not having legs. They get around just fine thank you. They don't worry about something they do not have, never have had, they just do it. Snakes not only climb hills but they have no trouble at all climbing a tree, something this human with arms and legs cannot do. (maybe will not, whatever!) It's a reminder to me that I don't have to worry about what I have or don't have, what I need or don't need, to get where I want to go. Are you letting a little thing like not having legs keeping you from your goals?

And look at this little guy! He's on top, ON TOP! of the hill! And I know you can't see it but I think he's smiling! VICTORY! Today is a climb to the top of the hill day. My mountain? Is a stack of aging but critically important stuff to do. Stuff that should have been done days ago. Stuff that could not be done days ago due to the holidays. Instead of climbing to the top of this retched mountain I need to get to the bottom of it. Check off all the 911 priority stuff and set everything else in motion. My goal? To get rid of the mountain. To see the top of my desk. To clear off all the items screaming for my attention. To take care of the needs and concerns of my clients. No, it wont all get done today, maybe not even tomorrow, but I don't worry. With or without legs I can conquer this mountain!!!

What mountain do you need to tackle today?


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