Thursday, November 22, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day XXII Woman With Mask

Welcome to NaBloPoMo November 2012!

For the entire month of November I will focus on The Golden Moth Illumination Deck created by the ever so talented Aijung Kim. This is a wonderfully unique and original oracle deck. It's not a traditional Tarot deck but rather an intuitive oracle deck of simple drawings that will knock your socks off. The deck consists of 75 cards, 7 of which are blank and you are encouraged to draw your own cards.

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Today is Thanksgiving! It's the most wonderful time of the year for me. I love nothing more than planning a grand meal and having family over. This year my beloved's birthday is also on this day. Two special occasions wonderfully wrapped with love and family.

But what about the Woman and the Mask? Ah yes, the Woman and the Mask. Close family members that I’ve referred to as The Gnomes have stepped up their game this year. They are a family of five that just drive me banana's. I wont go in to all the gory details, I could write a book, I may write a book, there are just so many difficulties. I desperately wanted to love them and to take them into my heart and make them my very own. But it is not to be. Again, I’ll spare you the Springer like details. They challenge my spirituality. And that is where the Woman and the Mask comes in. This lovely lady is wearing a mask which tells me she is showing a face carefully constructed. No matter how I feel or how ugly the Gnomes can be I need to keep my holiday face on. My goal is to bring joy into the lives of my loved ones. It means putting aside my wants and desires in order to support those I love (and those I want to love).

But what I find interesting is the wheat behind the mask. Wheat is a symbol of prosperity, resurrection, and fertility. Wheat is nourishment, bread. This day we will be breaking bread. Sharing a special meal together. Having all the grandkids together, laughing and playing. Pressing a cookie into their tiny hands and shooing them out of the kitchen. Catching up on all the news. Smooching the heads of those we don't see often. And after dinner? Well once the table is cleared out comes Skip-bo and Uno! Great games for all ages. A great way to connect and enjoy the company of those I love. I can focus on doing the things that give me joy and peace. I'll not wonder or worry about the behavior of the Gnomes. It will be challenging. Just put on a happy face!

Peace with mashed potatoes and gravy


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