Thursday, December 27, 2012

Over The River and through the desert

Over The River and through the desert to Grandmother's house we go!

Since the world did not end as I had planned we headed off to Mother Smiths yesterday. When I head off to Mother Smiths I give myself an electronic vacation. I have prepared a few posts for you to enjoy while I'm away.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the holidays.

I found this great post, Advice for the last day on earth. Fantastic!

An excerpt from the post

Well, tomorrow (December 21, 2012) it’s all supposed to end, according to some interpretations of the Mayan prophecies. I decided to ask the cards how we should prepare for this event today. After shuffling, I randomly selected the following playing cards and I’m using the advice meanings for interpretation:

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh I get it now!!

Well, I never really liked Twinkies anyway. But Suzie Q's! I will miss them.

Off to see Mother Smith!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas!!

Did you wake up to find coal in your stocking? I woke up to find nothing in my stocking! NOTHING AT ALL!!! The world didn't end and now this!

Hubs, being a pilot suspected this happened to Santa and his loyal steeds.

I, being a mom know better. This is much more likely.

No worries! I'm off to the mom and dads for dinner and such.

Have a blessed day!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than it made my little grand daughter laugh all day.

Well tomorrow it is Christmas and normally I would say, 'if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping your pretty much screwed'. But I believe in the spirit of Christmas, the season of perpetual hope. Yes you CAN tackle the large crowds of cranky procrastinators but first you will wait the mile and a half to get OFF the freeway and then you will stalk, I mean follow shoppers to their cars so you can get their parking spot. (only to discover they are dropping off their loot to go back for more!) Ah yes, the true spirit of Christmas. This sounds about as much fun as camping in front of Best Buy for 2 days for $10.00 off that Big Screen TV!!!

I digress....Today is a uber quiet day for me. Christmas with the Hubs family was Saturday and all is cleaned up and back to Christmas Quiet in the Smith house. The Boy (aka: my oldest) and his fiance will be dropping by today sometime. We'll take our furchild to the park. We'll drink hot chocolate, have a big bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup (with real homemade by me noodles! YUM!) Because my rule is, If I'm not done for Christmas by now, FAGITABOUTIT! Woman up, make your apologies and creative excuses and move on. 

My gift to me is to know that what I do is important. My family knows and love me. They'll forgive me way sooner than I'll forgive myself.))

Christmas Bliss

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silly Socks!!! The Other Pair?


Are you ready for Christmas?   Because really? two more days!

Am I done? ummmmm.  Yes! No.... Just some last minute stocking stuffers, more gift wrap and tissue, tape, I bought 8 rolls of tape and they've all gone missing despite the dire consequences if each and every item in my Elf Kit is not returned, oh and one of those incredibly helpful gift wrap cutters that has also come up MISSING!!!

I really need to get my Silly Socks on, QUICK!!!

 This is one Silly pair of socks!  Sorry for the ridicules pic but it is not easy to get the full effect of this charming pair of socks.  Yes, they are TWO completely different socks.  One be blue, one be black.   Reindeer AND Ho Ho Ho.

Okay, here's the story.  I bought these lovlies for the Hubs.  You know, a little somethin somethin to liven up the Holidays.  The Hubs however is 1/2 Sasquatch and he could not get his adorable toodies in there.  So in a New York Minute they became my very own.  And then one day one sock came up missing.  No worries, I think, it'll turn up.  Then a sock from the other pair came up missing.  These were so durn adorable I decided to wear them together!  And you know what? No one notices!!! So of course I need to point it out to them.  I let them know I have another pair at home exactly like this! Then I laugh hysterically. This is a great trick for the Grinchy Grinch in any office!

It's been several years and 2 moves.  The other pair is still MIA.  I've already questioned the dryer but I think I'm going to have another chat with him and this time I'm turning on the HEAT!  (hehe)

Peace and giggles

Note from dryer: Buuurp! Wuz delishus!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Silly Socks!!!!

You know what happened to me this morning? I WOKE UP!

The world, according to the Mayan's, was to end yesterday. NOW WHAT AM I SUPPPOSE TO DO?
This can only mean one thing. I now need to finish my Christmas shopping. GRRRR!

I think it's time for a very special pair of silly socks.  

TA DA!!!

Why it's Santa! And his eight tiny reindeer.  Although in my case these reindeer are not so tiny.  Santa here has seen a few to many washings and is coming apart a little.  These are certainly adorable and pretty warm too! however, I can NOT get them into a pair of shoes.  I have a really darling pair of flipflops but that just seemed wrong somehow.

Okay peeps, if you have not finished your Christmas shopping don't delay.  IF you are planning to go out today please meditate BEFORE and AFTER.  Because I'm predictin it's going to be awesome crazy out there.  I am going to stay home, wear my Silly Socks and have a party!!! Wheee!  The hubs' family is going to come over for some Christmas Cheer.  There will be lasagne, hot french bread and a huge tossed salad.  Easy peasy nice and breezy.  We'll exchange gifts and a whole lotta love.

Yes, the Gnomes will be coming and I am so not stressed about it!  Huh? How about that?

and more


Friday, December 21, 2012

Tarot Guide to gift giving pt VI


By now I think it's no secret that I wait till the last minute to Christmas shop. I have greatest and bestest excuses and I can convince you that it is just not possible for me to start earlier. The truth is, I am overwhelmed with it all. And wouldn't you know, waiting till the very last minute does nothing to improve this situation.

I want to share with you a secret weapon for handling the enormous stress of the holidays. I present you with.....


Yuuuuup! Silly Socks! I'll be working till the very last minute. Everyone and their uncle is coming in for one reason or another. I'm dressed in my finest holiday office attire and the silliest socks I can find. They are a great hit with the kiddies, they notice them first, and adults find them amusing as well. This only works for me during the holidays where I'm allowed a little office silliness. Does it get any better than this? It does! For more Christmas fun I'll kick off my shoes and run around the office sporting these little darlings. More fun is annoying my co-workers with questions like 'have you noticed my socks?' (like how could you not?) 'you haven't made a comment on my socks yet!' I say this often during the day.
But I procrastinate...(shocker, I know)

The next gift suggestion is for Mother Smith

Guardian Angel

I love Mother Smith. She is the greatest Mother-in-law EVAH! She has welcomed me with open arms from day one. She is kind, sweet, wonderful and never has a bad word to say about anyone. At 91 and counting she does not need anymore stuff!!!! Buying for her is a challenge. Her hobbies consist of playing cards (a woman after my own heart! Lol) She goes to church every Sunday and volunteers a day a week at the church. She has lunch several times a week with her bridge buddies. She doesn't read as much as she used to. Naps a lot. Has a cinnamon roll every morning for breakfast. She raised 3 wonderful children (I snagged the best for myself!!!) She is the beloved matriarch for the Smith family.

I met her for the first time at Christmas time. She lives in Arizona, about 6 hours from here. We drove out, the day after Christmas to spend a few days with her. She bought me a little glass angel. I think of it as Mother Smiths Guardian Angel. It's clearly a Christmas type ornament but I keep it up all year and think of her whenever I see it. I was a little saddened when I pulled this card for her. She's in great shape for her age. Her mind is sharp but hearing bad. She's taken a few bad falls this year. One had her in the hospital and left her with a fair amount of metal in her wrist and arm. She's more forgetful (who isn't?). She still lives alone and even drives! This year she has decided to only drive in her little retirement community and the kids have all arranged to have mom chauffeured for shopping and doctors visits.

I sometimes wonder when I visit if this is the last time I'll see her. But after being with her for a few days I'm confident I'll have another year. Pulling this card has made me sit up and take notice. Will this be our last Christmas? She's not ready to go. She talks of moving to a more assisted living type place. We all have insisted she come live with us but she wont have it. After living alone for 15 years she likes her privacy and peace and quiet. She wants to stay near her home church and the friends she has left. She doesn't want to be fussed over. She doesn't want to burden anyone.

So what shouldz I get her? She has completely decluttered her home. She doesn't need or want more stuff. Every year she's had Christmas at her home. Every year when we come we help her take down and pack up the tree and decorations. This year she has decided not to decorate. Instead she is visiting with daughter Rozi for Christmas. We will head out to Kingman, visit for the day and then we'll pack her up and take her home and stay with her a few days. It's different this year. I know she will never put up Christmas again. She wont be having the holidays at her house again. She has quietly decided not to do certain things anymore.
This card has spoken to my heart. This year it wont be about gift giving. It's going to be about blessing and being blessed by this amazing woman.

I still want to get her something. She very well may out live us all!! ;)

LOVE, the best present of all

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tarot Guide to gift giving pt V

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.

Theresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list. This is a wonderful exercise to do with Tarot. Play along!!


It's your party, cry if you want to!

It's ok to cry. With only 4 more days to Christmas we're all a little stressed. A good cry in a hot bath with a cup of hot tea (or something stronger) may be just what you need at this time of year.

Dunkie and Jbug

For my middle son and future daughter-in-law I've drawn Snow White. This is card number 9 and is the Hermit card. Theresa recommends a gift of peace that could be a day at the spa or some other fabulously zenny place. I've decided to send them both to Laughlin with the grandpeeps. Yup! I'm getting rid of 4 people on my list in one fell swoop! WHOOT! Oh and I get to babysit the dog so it's an extra WIN for me!
Holiday Hugs and Kisses


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tarot Guide to gift giving pt IV

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.
Theresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list. This is a wonderful exercise to do with Tarot. Play along!!

Don't panic! This is no time to panic!!
Seriously, you have 6 more days. Plenty of time, plen-ty. Now grab your deck and get those creative ideas flowing!

Hahahaha! How funny I should pull this card for them. The Gnome family is always difficult to buy for. After losing their home in the Real Estate crash they moved into their motor home. This is a ga ga gorgeous coach that even has a washer/dryer. It's beautiful, large and comfy. Still, for a family of four and two dogs it can get claustrophobic. Not to mention, what DO you get for a family that doesn't need more stuff? They really need to get away and change up the scenery a little. We can't afford a nice vacation for them but we can give them a day out at the amusement park. And it just so happens Snow White and those adorable dwarfs makes regular appearances at the local park. Hmmmm.

Holiday Hugs

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tarot Guide to gift giving pt III

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.

Theresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list. This is a wonderful exercise to do with Tarot. Play along!!

NO!  NO!!   NO!!!

No no no!!!  You do not need to spend a lot on your family to PRVOVE you love them. What craziness that is. You do want to put some thought into your gift because you want your loved ones to feel special. So when I choose a gift for those close to me I choose one that says I love you. It says I love you in a way that expresses that closeness and intimacy that I have with them.

Peter Pan

For Char and Magoo, for my step-son and grand daughter I pulled Peter Pan. Rider-Waite equivalent of The Chariot. I think of these two more as Peter Pan. It's all about the fun!! In my head I see the scene from Hook where all the lost boys are sitting at the dinner table with nothing on their plates. Once they get Peter's creative juices flowing they all begin to throw brightly colored food. Hilarious. So I'm heading to the toy store. I'm thinking some kind of cool new game. A board game perhaps. Or maybe some other sort of interactive thingy. There's gotta be something fun that they both can enjoy. 



Monday, December 17, 2012

Tarot guide to gift giving pt II

I only wish I could have that many presents wrapped and ready!!!!

Teresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.

Teresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list. This is a wonderful exercise to do with Tarot. Play along!!

Mom and Dad

Wish Upon a Star and Earth Child

For mom and dad I pulled the Wish Upon a Star and The Earth Child cards for them. Mom has visions of traveling again but dad knows that her condition at this time will not permit complicated travel plans. I'm thinking of getting them a gift certificate to a nearby casino. Mom loves the one armed bandits and dad will play the cards (See! Just like me!). That'll work!

To be continued......


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tarot guide to gift giving pt I


Teresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.

Teresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list.

My Christmas List

Yes I totally know there is but 9 days left for Christmas and my list is quite long. So I better quit talking about it and git er done!!!

Alrighty then, I got my brother.

The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch: The Inner Child Justice card. Justice is about balance and Bro is totally out of balance. He's over weight, on disability and has no real motivation in life. He's not hard to buy for, birthday last we got him a Titanic model kit. It is AWESOME and he's almost done with it. This card doesn't help me much, he won't read any book. He does love toys though. I'll check out the hobby shop and see if there is a new model that, well, I don't know. We'll see if ole Midas will make hisself known at Hobby Lobby.

To be continued...........

Friday, December 14, 2012

Inner Child deck interview pt IV

Deckinterview with The Inner Child pt IV

What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me?

Four of Swords

Ah, Peter Pan, tooling around on a makeshift raft with his Lost Boys. He is leading the way with a white dove on his arm, preparing to take flight. His buds behind him, some are using their swords to push and guide the wieldy raft. One has fashioned his sword into a fishing pole to provide for their next meal. These boys are not a disorganized bunch. They are all working together as a family, doing their part to bring momentum, direction, sustenance and peace. With these cards I will reveal the tools you will need to meet your goals and direct you on your journey.

Priscilla says,
I love that these naughty lost boys are all working together. Peter of course leads the way, he holds his sword in one had and the other a bird of peace. It takes two lost boys to propel and guide the ship and another makes sure there will be something for their supper. We are never on this journey alone. There will always be family, friends and our spiritual guides with us. Guiding, encouraging, providing. We all have our part to play. Many hands lighten the load. 

 How can I best learn from you?
Little Red Riding Hood
My what big cards you have!! (sorry, couldn't resist :) )
Our little Red Riding Hood is a head strong gal off on a journey to visit her grandmother. On her journey is the danger of a big bad wolf. On our journey through life we are faced with many fears and obstacles. Sometimes we know what these trouble are or could be. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we underestimate the dangers. We should be mindful and watchful in order to avoid severe consequences. I wish to teach you how to be observant, be watchful. Be diligent in asking questions. Listen to the answers with your intuition. You just might find that those in your life may not have the best intentions and are looking for an opportunity to gobble you up.

Priscilla says,
Little Red Riding Hood is the Fool equivalent. I do not see this card the same way I read the fool card. Rather I see her more as a young immature girl that does not listen to the advise of her mother and there are dire consequences for that. She is on a journey, her journey is to visit a loved one. Our inner child is concerned with the issues of family. I think the focus of these cards is all about the families and trying to grow up.
What is our outcome of working with you?
Seven of Crystals

A sweet young gnome girl is sitting on a rainbow lighting seven candles. Outside it is the dead of winter and icicles can be seen on the windows. Winter is a time of inner reflection. A time of rest and contemplation. Bringing in light is key here. I will illuminate those areas of your life, those foundational issues, so that you can forward in the most productive way possible. She not only brings light for herself, but also for others. Bringing light, being light. Light brings warmth, understanding, comfort. I am a gentle deck. I will bring a positive message of light and hope.

Priscilla says,
I find it interesting that the Seven of Crystals main focus is the lit candles and not crystals. An earth card that brings a message of light, encouragement and understanding. Transformation is a slow process as we all know. It takes time and much patience. It starts with illumination. Bringing those things to light so that we can better understand our circumstances.



Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inner Child deck review pt III

Deck interview with The Inner III
What are your limits as a deck?
Eight of Hearts

Twin merchildren are playing trumpets as the sun slowly rises and chases away the darkness. A bird sits calmly, enjoying the concert. Tiny winged hearts dance on the waters ready to take flight at any moment. I am a deck that is going to reveal your emotional issues. You know, those issues that have affected you from childhood. I will help you find the music in your life. I'll show you the areas of deep understanding so that you may grow and prosper on your spiritual path.

Priscilla says
This is such a happy card, all sunrises, music and children. This is a very happy and positive deck. The cards are bright colorful and filled with music and happiness. I think the limits of this deck is that it is going to bring out those hidden things. The troubles from long ago. They will bring them to the surface so that you can properly work through them.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Inner Deck review pt II

What are your strengths as a deck?

The Midas Touch
Odd little story of a man, a very rich man who is granted one wish. Not satisfied with all of his enormous wealth he wishes that everything he touches would turn to gold. He is granted this wish and much to his horror, everything he touches does indeed turn into gold. When his beloved daughter comes in to say her rose garden has all turned into gold she touches her father and she too turns to gold. Realizing that he'd made a terrible mistake he asks for his wish to be reversed. My strength will be to show you where the real gold is. It may not be sparkly shiny, it can't be weighed and come to think of it, you may not really be able to see it. Your true riches is in the ones you love. Your relationships. My task will be to open your eyes to what is really important in your life.

Priscilla says
I had a real struggle with this card. The major arcana equivalent is Justice and for the life of me I can not make the connection. If I stretch and pull I can make it work. I however like to think each deck speaks it's own language and that is that. For me this card will point out what the real gold is in my situation. 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inner Child deck review pt I

 An interview with
The Inner Child

These cards tell stories, stories of long ago, stories we all remember from our childhood, and stories still being told today. I'm finding it fascinating that these stories are so old. When reviewing the fairy tales I realized that these same stories are being told today but they have changed somewhat. Some things are left out, new things are added. Understanding the stories and the messages they bring today has been very enlightening for me.

So, without further adieu, I introduce to you.....The Inner Child deck review.

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic

The Fairy Godmother
Yes! Wonderful day! I would have to say that my most important characteristic is about positive transformation. Magical transformation even. You may call on me in your time of most dire need and I will be there for you. Do you need a little fairy dust in your life? (and who doesn't!) With a little sparkly sprinkle or two I will transform the dull into magical. Call out to me and pour out your troubles. I will always understand. I will always wipe your tears. I will always comfort you. I can help you see your problems in a whole new light. Like a child, through new eyes, without all the bs of the grownup world. Miracles can happen, let me show you how!!

Priscilla says
You know I've always loved the Fairy Godmother. I was blessed to have the most wonderful of Godmothers. While she is not a magical fairy, she is a shero in my life. Always upbeat and encouraging. She would travel the world for me, and has!! But the Fairy Godmother has a magical job to do in our life. Like a human Godmother she is in charge of the spiritual education of the child. But this tutelary spirit is more than just an educational guide she is also a protector and guardian. So we can see the Fairy Godmother as our Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or other spiritual entity that we look to in times of spiritual, emotional or physical crisis. The important characteristic of this deck will be to point to the spiritual energies present in each situation. I think that this deck will be more internal than external. I need to think about the types of questions I'll be able to answer with this deck. 

I found the most charming interview with a REAL Fairy Godmother. It's hilarious! I invite you to visit her site and read the stories. While she no longer updates this blog she does update The Angel Directory. Check her out!!

Read an interview with a REAL live Fairy Godmother. 

Check out her Angel Directory


Friday, December 7, 2012

Living Large with the Inner Child

I wanted to choose a deck for this month that expressed the Spirit of Christmas. You know, something light and fun. So while strolling through my decks one day, I spied! The Inner Child! Oh yeeaaah! That's what I'm talking about! Children! I think the Christmas season, the Spirit of Christmas, is for children and the Inner Child in all of us.

I had bought this deck some time ago because the images were so beautiful. The review said they were rather large cards but hey! I LOVE large cards. So of course when they arrived I said 'oh my, these are large cards!' At a whopping 3 8/16” by 6 ¼ these cards are GINORMOUSE.

 (wonky photo alert!) These are the cards.  A very simple blue back with a sun image.  Above is a regular playing card and the bottom is The Gilded Tarot which is average size for a Tarot card.  In order to not completely loose my mind I figured out that the Inner Child deck is as wide as my Tarot deck is long.  They fit in my hand comfortably as I overhand shuffle the deck.  I rarely riffle and I don't know how I would do that with this deck, the sturdy card stock is not very bendy.
 Another difficulty I had was finding a Tarot bag to fit it!  (did I mention these were big?) I found this Crown Royal bag that I saved and it fits in there great.  With extra room for any goodies I may want to tuck in there. 
 (fuzzy photo alert!)   And the Little White Book? Fagetabout it!
This is not your little flyleaf with words to small to read, nope, It's a full on book and it's 291 pages to boot! I am so looking forward to reading with this deck this month.  The month of the Inner Child.  Now go out there and have a super sparkly day!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Penny's business plan good/bad? Yes/no?

Penny Lane's business plan
Penny is a good friend of mine and has me 'throw down' for her when she needs a little direction. Because I'm such a good friend I always choose a new deck to play with or a deck I'm not so comfy with to answer her questions. I help her, she helps me, all good. I wanted it to be quick and easy so I used a 5 card yes or no. With regular playing cards, reds are yes and blacks are no. Jokers are left in and they become wild cards. 

Deck: The Key to the Kingdom Transformation Playing Cards by Tony Meeuwissen
This is not a Tarot deck it's more of a combination of Oracle and Playing cards.
Querent: Penny Lane
Penny has given permission to post this read, her name has been changed. 
Question: I'm trying out a new business system and want to know if these principles will work with my business plan.
2 Diamonds, 8 Hearts, Q Diamonds, Q Clubs, 10 Spades, (hidden 9 Spades)
3 yes, 2 no (3 no)

At first glance the answer is yes 3 to 2. This means a very positive outcome but there are some concerns.


2 of Diamonds: Looks like a party! Would you like a piece of fancy smancy cake? We have a delightful little parrot holding a tea kettle so cake and tea it is! Is this idea a piece of cake? A no brainer? A sweet idea? Looks like a very positive card. Also looks easy, right? A piece of cake! 2 of diamonds is a great money card as well. 2 ideas coming together. Could be a choice and a good one at that!

8 of Hearts: Laughing Mouse Cheese. This looks like those laughing cow cheese wheels. I saw this as a process. A cheese making process. My friend is not making cheese of course but you take cream and whatever else you need for cheese and then there is a process that turns that liquid cream into a smooth delicious solid. But you can't stop there! Now there is packaging. You gotta slice, cut and wrap those little darlings in pretty paper and then market the whole kit n kaboodle.

Queen of Diamonds: A shrewd business card, this lady is the go to girl. Take a good look at this card. The Queen of Diamonds is a chess Queen. Chess is a game of strategy and maneuvers. The Queen is not bound by rules of motion. She can go anywhere, anyway. Up, down, sideways. One square at a time or all across the board. A powerful piece to be sure. On this board there are limited free spaces to move. The majority of the spaces have stuff in them. Stuff that is important to look at. In front of her is a die. It's a gamble to move forward. (isn't it always?) But why? Wells there's fish heads on either side of her. I think they are shrimp, either way, I see them as a watery entity. Something clearly moving under the surface. Fishing for money, food, it takes skill and luck to catch and enjoy. There' a little mouse encroaching on the die square. Could there be a troublesome little critter mucking up the works, causing the gamble/luck to go one way or the other? His little tail begins in a shrimp square so he is interfering with the fishing and making it a gamble. There is a button in front of mouse. Buttons are a very functional item. Personal even. There's a little mouse keeping her from making this decision functional. Some fear? Uncertainty? Perhaps a partner, associate, family member chatting sweet negatives in her ear? Behind the Queen we have yummies, a piece of candy, cup of tea, chocolate cat, something that looks like jello and a round thing that could be candy or a marble. In the past it's been sweet, not a lot of drama. But it's time now to make some important changes and take a new direction. The new direction is not as sweet, it's going to take a different kind of work. It's fraught with uncertainty, it's a bit of a gamble. And there is an unidentified mouse chewing holes in the idea. It's worth taking that risk and moving in a positive direction but know that there will be stuff to work out.

Queen of Clubs, Queen of air. Since blacks are no this Queen tells me that her biggest adversary is going to be her own mind. She is focused, she is powerful, she is QUEEN! But there is a little naggy thing on the end of her staff. It looks a little silly, 'Yo Queenie! Ya gotta feret on the end of your stick there!'

Lastly we have 10 of Spades. A jar full of funky looking tadpoles. (pardon me my dears but this looks like sperm! :O And tadpoles are a wonderful thing! They start out as fish, grow arms and legs, loose the tail and viola! They walk on land!! these little darlings are contained in a water (emotions) in a jar (mind) just swimming around happily. There will be some time needed before these pretties can grow legs and walk on their own.

OOOPS! Not so lastly, I happen to notice a sticker, under the laughing mouse we have the 9 of Spades. Another no after all. Those little tadpoles appear here now. Growing out of a tree. They still have no legs but now they are attached and can not move as freely as they did in the water.

So we have 3 themes going on here. We have Diamonds, money, we have tadpoles, idea and we have mouse (and whatever that silly thing is on the end of her stick) which is the obstacle.

The business idea is a good one and has lots of components to it. I would recommend that she take the time to thoroughly understand the concepts and let them grow naturally. Don't take them out of the water to soon. Penny has a somewhat regular meditation practice so I told her to really contemplate the ideas she's reading about and let them mature a little. There's still a whole lot of work ahead of her and she'll need to get some clear direction first. AND she needs to figure out what that little mouse is and what it's doing to her business plans. She should definitely move forward as it looks like a pretty positive direction at this point.

I regret that I didn't do a timing card for her. I'm thinking about that now and she didn't ask at the time. That's good I think. She certainly has a lot to think about here.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Tarot saved my Thanksgiving


I really love Thanksgiving and it has always been my favorite holiday of all times.  Even Christmas doesn't hold a glittery candle to my Thanksgiving day.  Thanksgiving is the holiday where all families get together, somewhere, for food, fun and fellowship.  I will shamefully admit that some of my rele's cause me a great deal of angst for a multitude of unmentionable reasons.  Sooooo, not only do I get to prepare a meal for 15-20 people, clean and decorate my home, I also have a more spiritual/emotional level to work through at the same time.

The cards I've chosen for this spread is The Tarot of the Sidhe (she) by Emily Carding.  These are very vibrant and colorful cards.  This exquisitely detailed deck is extremely chatty and easy to read.  The suites are renamed but that wont slow you down a bit.

This spread is called The Arrow and it was created by Aijung Kim that was included in her wonderful Golden Moth Illumination Deck.  I have found this spread to be extremely versatile.  I decided to try it out with this question in mind.


The positions are
1-2 Past/Present
3-(middle card, 3rd row) Goal/Challenge
4- (card under middle card, 3rd row) Internal Influences
5- (card above middle card, 3rd row) External Influences
6- (4th row, bottom card) Release
7- (4th row, top card) Accept
8-9 Future and Further Future
extra card was a jumper

1. Past position
Dancer Prince: Gift of Passion
In the past I've always had a passion for Thanksgiving. And look at Dancer Prince, he's holding food in one hand and the other hand is empty, reaching out, inviting . Come to my home for love and food! And maybe a drink or two. This year I am struggling with the memories of resent past holidays that have not gone well for me. At holidays past I've been emotional, angry, allowing others bad behavior to cloud my goals for the holidays. This lovely prince is bringing my goals before me.  Why do you love Thanksgiving? What ARE your goals? And the answer is!!!!! It's about gathering those you love, enjoying a special meal, and creating strong family bonds. 

2. Present postion
Dreamer Six: Insight's Voyage
This first tells me I need to blow away those memories and the angst caused by them. I'm going need to get new insight on how I will manage my days and difficult rele's. Insight tells me that she will guide me, back me up and give me the courage I need.  She'll softly encourage me in the right direction.  In the little boat we have the sweet owl of wisdom.  It is wise to seek spiritual direction in difficult circumstances.  'Keep your wits about you, speak kind words, and most importantly, stay on course.' 

3. Gift/Challenge
The Dreamer Air
The challenge without a doubt is my mind. My own maceration’s of the events to come. I need to put those past challenges behind me so that I can move forward in a more positive way. A great meditation card, this card of air is doing the hard battle in her mind. Serenely of course, look at her! Not troubled at all! The clouds of doubt and confusion are under her as are the difficult mountains. No need to worry, she is above it all. Making time everyday to relax, ground and center and meditate is going to be so so key here.

4. Internal Influence
Dancer Eight: Escaping Stagnation
Internal influences are a tricky thing. In this card I see zombie like creatures coming up from the muck. Perhaps reaching for her, perhaps just trying to get out of it all. Most are not too motivated. But I am! I'm totally out of there! And what is my muck? The Gnomes. They get me down in the most disagreeable ways. They test me with new and unusual antics that I must deal with very often. I think they stay awake at night trying to figure out a new way to annoy me. To shock me. As prepared as I try to be they find a way to throw me off my game. It is terribly frustrating. This tells me they have not changed their ways, it's still the same. Preparation is essential but I need a game plan to keep me sunny and bright. As I go about my preparation for the holidays I'm going to factor in some special rewards for just for me. Some little thing I can look forward to that will boost my mood. (When everyone's gone, I'm going to curl up in bed with a cuppa hot tea and a good book!)

5. External Influence
Dancer Eight: Hope Discarded
I think this echo's the previous card. I have given up hope for a close relationship with this family. In the past I had every intention of bridging a workable gap with them. Now I just want to get past the required visits intact. This is my reality.  It doesn't have to be though.  While I do not have hope that our relationship will be warm and fuzzy, I can still work towards a peaceable relationship.  That's my goal.  Keep it PEACEFUL! And that will begin with me.
6. What I need to Release
Maker Prince:  Gift of Connection
That's right! Connection! This is so true! The connection with the Gnomes is very strong. But my connection with this family is strong as well.  Perhaps there is the tiniest bit of a power struggle going on. Perhaps not so tiny!  My goal is to blend the families. Their goal may be to secure their place. I understand this.  I don't how to fix that. Yet!   But look at this Maker Prince, this Prince of Earth (I'm an earth sign) travels the forest brightly lit by a full moon.  His trusty best friend (my Dear Heart) by his side. On his shoulders an owl and a butterfly.  Wisdom will lead to transformation. The owl whispers wisdom in his ear and butterfly will transform his heart.  Tiny little critters could cause him some concern but he doesn't even look down at them.  Neither do the dog or owl.  I do not need to be annoyed.  Wisdom can transform this whole situation.  No it may not change but that doesn't mean I have to stay the same. I can experience transformation. 

7. What I need to Accept
Dancer Five: Where Loss Resides

There will be some losses here but look at how hopeful this card is!! The sun is peaking though the dark clouds.  Great big sunbeams illuminating the landscape. Nourishing a tiny red flower on a stark hill.  She stands in the breeze but is not fazed.  A ship comes in, the one she is waiting for? Someone (something) new? The waters are calm.  The winds haven't whipped them up into a frenzy.  The ship is traveling easily through the channel.  I can accept the challenges, the winds, the dark clouds.  My life has sunbeams and flowers.  That is where I can focus my energies.

Future I
The Fool

Future II
Dreamer Prince: Gift of Liberty

I'm going to read these together.  Take a lighthearted approach to the holidays and let all the troublesome birds just float away.  Take charge of my mind.  Let the past go and like a fool, bounce into a new reality.  Trouble free, lighthearted, excited.  That is a gift I can give myself and my family.  The outcome of this holiday (should I keep my wits about me) will be happy and wonderful.

The High Priestess
Occasionally a card jumps from the deck while I'm shuffling.  The High Priestess wanted to make herself known here, but not as an afterthought.  She reminds me of my commitment to Spirit. To pull in the help of my guides and angels.  They can help me bridge this gap with rainbows!  Another glorious reminder that happiness and contentment are mine.  This is going to be an exceptional holiday! 
I pulled this spread before the holidays while I was still quite concerned about the day.  It gave me such peace that I continued to work all the harder to make this a special day for everyone.  The Gnomes were phenomenal! Very little drama the whole time they were here.  In fact.  The only drama that occurred was quickly taken care of by other family members and I didn't even know about it till much later.  I am pleased to report that all went well.  No meltdowns by me.  Everything was yum yum yummy and there was plenty of leftovers for everyone to take home and enjoy.  How wonderful it was to have our whole family, all together, in one place.  DH and I are truly blessed.