Friday, December 14, 2012

Inner Child deck interview pt IV

Deckinterview with The Inner Child pt IV

What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me?

Four of Swords

Ah, Peter Pan, tooling around on a makeshift raft with his Lost Boys. He is leading the way with a white dove on his arm, preparing to take flight. His buds behind him, some are using their swords to push and guide the wieldy raft. One has fashioned his sword into a fishing pole to provide for their next meal. These boys are not a disorganized bunch. They are all working together as a family, doing their part to bring momentum, direction, sustenance and peace. With these cards I will reveal the tools you will need to meet your goals and direct you on your journey.

Priscilla says,
I love that these naughty lost boys are all working together. Peter of course leads the way, he holds his sword in one had and the other a bird of peace. It takes two lost boys to propel and guide the ship and another makes sure there will be something for their supper. We are never on this journey alone. There will always be family, friends and our spiritual guides with us. Guiding, encouraging, providing. We all have our part to play. Many hands lighten the load. 

 How can I best learn from you?
Little Red Riding Hood
My what big cards you have!! (sorry, couldn't resist :) )
Our little Red Riding Hood is a head strong gal off on a journey to visit her grandmother. On her journey is the danger of a big bad wolf. On our journey through life we are faced with many fears and obstacles. Sometimes we know what these trouble are or could be. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we underestimate the dangers. We should be mindful and watchful in order to avoid severe consequences. I wish to teach you how to be observant, be watchful. Be diligent in asking questions. Listen to the answers with your intuition. You just might find that those in your life may not have the best intentions and are looking for an opportunity to gobble you up.

Priscilla says,
Little Red Riding Hood is the Fool equivalent. I do not see this card the same way I read the fool card. Rather I see her more as a young immature girl that does not listen to the advise of her mother and there are dire consequences for that. She is on a journey, her journey is to visit a loved one. Our inner child is concerned with the issues of family. I think the focus of these cards is all about the families and trying to grow up.
What is our outcome of working with you?
Seven of Crystals

A sweet young gnome girl is sitting on a rainbow lighting seven candles. Outside it is the dead of winter and icicles can be seen on the windows. Winter is a time of inner reflection. A time of rest and contemplation. Bringing in light is key here. I will illuminate those areas of your life, those foundational issues, so that you can forward in the most productive way possible. She not only brings light for herself, but also for others. Bringing light, being light. Light brings warmth, understanding, comfort. I am a gentle deck. I will bring a positive message of light and hope.

Priscilla says,
I find it interesting that the Seven of Crystals main focus is the lit candles and not crystals. An earth card that brings a message of light, encouragement and understanding. Transformation is a slow process as we all know. It takes time and much patience. It starts with illumination. Bringing those things to light so that we can better understand our circumstances.



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