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How Tarot saved my Thanksgiving


I really love Thanksgiving and it has always been my favorite holiday of all times.  Even Christmas doesn't hold a glittery candle to my Thanksgiving day.  Thanksgiving is the holiday where all families get together, somewhere, for food, fun and fellowship.  I will shamefully admit that some of my rele's cause me a great deal of angst for a multitude of unmentionable reasons.  Sooooo, not only do I get to prepare a meal for 15-20 people, clean and decorate my home, I also have a more spiritual/emotional level to work through at the same time.

The cards I've chosen for this spread is The Tarot of the Sidhe (she) by Emily Carding.  These are very vibrant and colorful cards.  This exquisitely detailed deck is extremely chatty and easy to read.  The suites are renamed but that wont slow you down a bit.

This spread is called The Arrow and it was created by Aijung Kim that was included in her wonderful Golden Moth Illumination Deck.  I have found this spread to be extremely versatile.  I decided to try it out with this question in mind.


The positions are
1-2 Past/Present
3-(middle card, 3rd row) Goal/Challenge
4- (card under middle card, 3rd row) Internal Influences
5- (card above middle card, 3rd row) External Influences
6- (4th row, bottom card) Release
7- (4th row, top card) Accept
8-9 Future and Further Future
extra card was a jumper

1. Past position
Dancer Prince: Gift of Passion
In the past I've always had a passion for Thanksgiving. And look at Dancer Prince, he's holding food in one hand and the other hand is empty, reaching out, inviting . Come to my home for love and food! And maybe a drink or two. This year I am struggling with the memories of resent past holidays that have not gone well for me. At holidays past I've been emotional, angry, allowing others bad behavior to cloud my goals for the holidays. This lovely prince is bringing my goals before me.  Why do you love Thanksgiving? What ARE your goals? And the answer is!!!!! It's about gathering those you love, enjoying a special meal, and creating strong family bonds. 

2. Present postion
Dreamer Six: Insight's Voyage
This first tells me I need to blow away those memories and the angst caused by them. I'm going need to get new insight on how I will manage my days and difficult rele's. Insight tells me that she will guide me, back me up and give me the courage I need.  She'll softly encourage me in the right direction.  In the little boat we have the sweet owl of wisdom.  It is wise to seek spiritual direction in difficult circumstances.  'Keep your wits about you, speak kind words, and most importantly, stay on course.' 

3. Gift/Challenge
The Dreamer Air
The challenge without a doubt is my mind. My own maceration’s of the events to come. I need to put those past challenges behind me so that I can move forward in a more positive way. A great meditation card, this card of air is doing the hard battle in her mind. Serenely of course, look at her! Not troubled at all! The clouds of doubt and confusion are under her as are the difficult mountains. No need to worry, she is above it all. Making time everyday to relax, ground and center and meditate is going to be so so key here.

4. Internal Influence
Dancer Eight: Escaping Stagnation
Internal influences are a tricky thing. In this card I see zombie like creatures coming up from the muck. Perhaps reaching for her, perhaps just trying to get out of it all. Most are not too motivated. But I am! I'm totally out of there! And what is my muck? The Gnomes. They get me down in the most disagreeable ways. They test me with new and unusual antics that I must deal with very often. I think they stay awake at night trying to figure out a new way to annoy me. To shock me. As prepared as I try to be they find a way to throw me off my game. It is terribly frustrating. This tells me they have not changed their ways, it's still the same. Preparation is essential but I need a game plan to keep me sunny and bright. As I go about my preparation for the holidays I'm going to factor in some special rewards for just for me. Some little thing I can look forward to that will boost my mood. (When everyone's gone, I'm going to curl up in bed with a cuppa hot tea and a good book!)

5. External Influence
Dancer Eight: Hope Discarded
I think this echo's the previous card. I have given up hope for a close relationship with this family. In the past I had every intention of bridging a workable gap with them. Now I just want to get past the required visits intact. This is my reality.  It doesn't have to be though.  While I do not have hope that our relationship will be warm and fuzzy, I can still work towards a peaceable relationship.  That's my goal.  Keep it PEACEFUL! And that will begin with me.
6. What I need to Release
Maker Prince:  Gift of Connection
That's right! Connection! This is so true! The connection with the Gnomes is very strong. But my connection with this family is strong as well.  Perhaps there is the tiniest bit of a power struggle going on. Perhaps not so tiny!  My goal is to blend the families. Their goal may be to secure their place. I understand this.  I don't how to fix that. Yet!   But look at this Maker Prince, this Prince of Earth (I'm an earth sign) travels the forest brightly lit by a full moon.  His trusty best friend (my Dear Heart) by his side. On his shoulders an owl and a butterfly.  Wisdom will lead to transformation. The owl whispers wisdom in his ear and butterfly will transform his heart.  Tiny little critters could cause him some concern but he doesn't even look down at them.  Neither do the dog or owl.  I do not need to be annoyed.  Wisdom can transform this whole situation.  No it may not change but that doesn't mean I have to stay the same. I can experience transformation. 

7. What I need to Accept
Dancer Five: Where Loss Resides

There will be some losses here but look at how hopeful this card is!! The sun is peaking though the dark clouds.  Great big sunbeams illuminating the landscape. Nourishing a tiny red flower on a stark hill.  She stands in the breeze but is not fazed.  A ship comes in, the one she is waiting for? Someone (something) new? The waters are calm.  The winds haven't whipped them up into a frenzy.  The ship is traveling easily through the channel.  I can accept the challenges, the winds, the dark clouds.  My life has sunbeams and flowers.  That is where I can focus my energies.

Future I
The Fool

Future II
Dreamer Prince: Gift of Liberty

I'm going to read these together.  Take a lighthearted approach to the holidays and let all the troublesome birds just float away.  Take charge of my mind.  Let the past go and like a fool, bounce into a new reality.  Trouble free, lighthearted, excited.  That is a gift I can give myself and my family.  The outcome of this holiday (should I keep my wits about me) will be happy and wonderful.

The High Priestess
Occasionally a card jumps from the deck while I'm shuffling.  The High Priestess wanted to make herself known here, but not as an afterthought.  She reminds me of my commitment to Spirit. To pull in the help of my guides and angels.  They can help me bridge this gap with rainbows!  Another glorious reminder that happiness and contentment are mine.  This is going to be an exceptional holiday! 
I pulled this spread before the holidays while I was still quite concerned about the day.  It gave me such peace that I continued to work all the harder to make this a special day for everyone.  The Gnomes were phenomenal! Very little drama the whole time they were here.  In fact.  The only drama that occurred was quickly taken care of by other family members and I didn't even know about it till much later.  I am pleased to report that all went well.  No meltdowns by me.  Everything was yum yum yummy and there was plenty of leftovers for everyone to take home and enjoy.  How wonderful it was to have our whole family, all together, in one place.  DH and I are truly blessed.

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