Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inner Child deck review pt I

 An interview with
The Inner Child

These cards tell stories, stories of long ago, stories we all remember from our childhood, and stories still being told today. I'm finding it fascinating that these stories are so old. When reviewing the fairy tales I realized that these same stories are being told today but they have changed somewhat. Some things are left out, new things are added. Understanding the stories and the messages they bring today has been very enlightening for me.

So, without further adieu, I introduce to you.....The Inner Child deck review.

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic

The Fairy Godmother
Yes! Wonderful day! I would have to say that my most important characteristic is about positive transformation. Magical transformation even. You may call on me in your time of most dire need and I will be there for you. Do you need a little fairy dust in your life? (and who doesn't!) With a little sparkly sprinkle or two I will transform the dull into magical. Call out to me and pour out your troubles. I will always understand. I will always wipe your tears. I will always comfort you. I can help you see your problems in a whole new light. Like a child, through new eyes, without all the bs of the grownup world. Miracles can happen, let me show you how!!

Priscilla says
You know I've always loved the Fairy Godmother. I was blessed to have the most wonderful of Godmothers. While she is not a magical fairy, she is a shero in my life. Always upbeat and encouraging. She would travel the world for me, and has!! But the Fairy Godmother has a magical job to do in our life. Like a human Godmother she is in charge of the spiritual education of the child. But this tutelary spirit is more than just an educational guide she is also a protector and guardian. So we can see the Fairy Godmother as our Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or other spiritual entity that we look to in times of spiritual, emotional or physical crisis. The important characteristic of this deck will be to point to the spiritual energies present in each situation. I think that this deck will be more internal than external. I need to think about the types of questions I'll be able to answer with this deck. 

I found the most charming interview with a REAL Fairy Godmother. It's hilarious! I invite you to visit her site and read the stories. While she no longer updates this blog she does update The Angel Directory. Check her out!!

Read an interview with a REAL live Fairy Godmother. 

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