Thursday, January 17, 2013

WOOOW!! This is AMAZING! Huell Howser

Visiting with Huell Howser....

True California Gold
I am deeply saddened by the passing of a true Californian legend, Huell Howser.  He was a very big part of my children's education and entertainment while they were growing up. I have lived in California since I was 4 years old and I cannot remember living anywhere else.  Because of Huell I was able to see many places that we would never have known about.  Very often an episode would spark an impromptu weekend road trip or day out exploring.  California is a large state but many things were certainly in driving distance and we would take pictures (I think Huell was standing here!)  and sometimes our own home movies.

I thought fun thing to do would be to pull a few cards and see what Huell would have to say to me.  

'Now Louie, follow me, we're going in!!!'
'OH WOW! So this is heaven!'

Energy of the spread.. Justice
I truly believe that Huell is in the big house with 'THE MAN'. I cannot imagine that a man as loved and wonderful as he is could be anywhere else. He was encouraging to everyone he met. He treated everyone the same. You are special, wonderful and valuable whether you are flipping burgers at a popular greasy spoon or a movie star. He was honored to be in your presence and thankful for every experience that he had.

'Well I'm not anyone special, just a hick from Tennessee.'

Who am I? 3 of Pentacles
Huell was a kind and gentle man, raised a gentleman in Tennessee as he would say. He never ever had a taste for the Hollywood Celebrity Reporter Syndrome. His goal was to make everyone else shine. But behind that ditzy southern exterior was a true genius. He was a professional in every sense of the word and a true artiste. He carefully crafted his magnificent works and made the most mundane of subjects truly interesting. Not a dumb hick by any means.

'Now why would anyone want to know anything about me?'

What do you want people to know about you? 5 of Wands
There is some confusion about who he is and what his personal life is like. I think that was deliberate and planned. Huell did not want the focus to be on him. Not ever. He rarely talked about himself. Not much is written and for good reason. Huell was protective of his privacy. Even those that knew him well will only share endearing stories of him. His mission has always been to educate people on the wonders of the State of California and to get people excited about history and travel. If he was gay no one is stepping forward to talk about this. Huell would say, 'never mind about all of that, this! This lake! in the middle of nowhere! is truly AMAZING!!'

'Well I wish we had more time here...bacauz there is so much to see'

What is your biggest regret? 6 of Pentacles
By all accounts Huell was generous to a fault. He gave to everyone, he gave everything he had. Just before his passing he donated his entire California Gold collection Chapman College. He never turned anyone down for an autograph. At every appearance he would not leave until he shook everyone's hand, until everyone got a photograph. He was kind and gracious to everyone. I think Huell would say he regrets leaving so soon. He had so much more to see and learn and then give to all of us.

'So this is the Pearly Gates, WOW, now folks, I want you to know, they really ARE made of pearls!! Come 'ere Louie and get a close up of this! Louie? Louie?'

What message do you have for us? The Moon
'Well this is really something!! And it's given me some new show ideas. How about 'Moon Tours' by Huell Howser or maybe 'Exploring the Dark Side of the Moon' with Huell Howser. Wait! Wait! Visiting with our neighbors in the Milky Way!' The adventures are not over for Huell. He had the amazing ability to find gold every where he went. He was able to go places and see things that may not have been accessible to the general public. He made geography fun, history interesting all the while making us laugh with his goofiness.

'I musta driven past a hundred times and never knew it was here?'

How would you like to be remembered? 10 of Cups
'I've had a blast guys! I've been to so many places and have had so many experiences and I wanted to share all of that with you! My wish is for everyone to find the adventures right here in your own back yard. There is so much to see and do in this wonderful world. Grab your loved ones and hop in the car. Go out and find the adventures just waiting for you! And don't forget your camera!'

Ending card 5 of Swords
Death is not defeat. Death opens the door to a new adventure. While we will all miss our beloved Huell he would want us to know that he is just on the other side. Microphone in hand. Don't worry, there's plenty to do and see. I think he's going to be busy for awhile.

Peace brother Huell
We'll catch you on the flip side.