Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dear Dairy tomorrow I get my hair cut

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow I get my hair cut. And I'm nervous about it.  I even canceled once and I'm not gonna lie, I was relieved.  Until my son pointed out how 'shiny' my roots were.  (but I rock that shiny shiz!) (no? I probably don't)

Diary, you know how I feel about my hair. I am emotionally attached to my hair (which is physically attached to my head).  Do you remember when it all fell out?  That was so scary. Do you remember when my beloved helped me cut it short? And when I sat in the front yard and rubbed the remaining bits off my head and into the grass? There was so much. It was everywhere and the wind was catching it and carrying it off.  My dearest told me not to worry, the birds will use it to warm up their nests.  It was very cold out.  It was just before Christmas.

All through that winter I wrapped my head.  In scarves, hats, and little knitted beanies gifted from people near and dear to me.  It wasn't so bad at first but as time went on I felt awkward.  Remember the fake bangs I bought? Those were cool!  And then the wig?  Wasn't that a laugh? It was hot and uncomfy to wear and often ended up in the strangest places, like the top of the hubs head! I proudly rocked my bare head but secretly I was sad.  You know, Diary, that no one gives a thought to a bald man but when you see a bald woman, well, you know something is terribly wrong.  And it didn't help that the steroids puffed me up so much that I didn't recognize myself in the mirror!

I think one of the most challenging part of this was when my eyelashes and eyebrows fell out.  Elf to the rescue with eyebrow pencils and those little stencils to help you draw a 'perfect' eyebrow!  Yes, I could draw in a perfect eyebrow but sometimes that eyebrow was a little low, giving me a menacing scowl.  Or maybe a little high, with a look that says inquisitive? Surprised?  I could set the tone of my day by the placement of my brows!

A lot of women draw in their brows so that was ok but the lashes! Mercy mercy me! Diary wasn't the eyelashes my crazy place?  Since I'm not much of a makeup girl I ran out and bought some mascara.  Do you know how many different types of mascara there are??? Hundreds! I hurried home with 5 tubes of the stuff and they all worked fine until I could count my lashes.  Not even the best mascara can turn 2 lashes into 10.  After crying to my bestie she hand delivered several packages of falsies and a tube of glue.  Remember how excited I was?  I WOULD HAVE LASHES AGAIN!!! Oh and we had so many styles and spent the whole day sizing and trimming and trying them on until my eyes were positively raw!  She made all look so easy!  It's not easy Diary, no, not at all.  And so every day I would spend hours (ok, maybe not hours, but, yes, maybe it was hours) trying to get the lashes in the right place.  Too high and there's a wicked flesh line making you look like you have 2 freakish strips of eyelashes. If the lashes are to close to the nose you can feel the edges poke each time you blink.  That gets annoying in a hurry.  USE GLUE SPARINGLY! else you may find your eyelids gluing together in unusual ways.  There were days when I thought they were on perfectly only to find the lashes had 'traveled' or popped up at one end or the other. In order to avoid repeating this lengthy process each morning I tried to sleep in them.  Diary, let me tell you, this is not recommended! At the very least the lashes will crease in an unnatural way.  However it was amusing to find lashes attached to my beloved. 'Look honey! you really do have eyes in the back of your head!' I called it quits when I caught the furbaby eating my lashes!  Time for a new tactic.

Eyeliner! Yes, eyeliner will be my salvation! I'll just draw in a lash line!  So I only have 7 eyelashes, no problem, I still have a dark line outlining my eyes! Right? WRONG! You makeupnista's know how tricky eyeliner can be and I've watched hundreds of Youtube's on this.  What a chemo patient understands is that sweating out chemicals is part of the deal.  This healing process will ensure that your eyeliner will end up under your eyebrow and a host of other unwanted places.


 But I digress.  This is really about the hair on my head right?

So Diary dearest, I shall conclude for today.  I'll write more later.



Thursday, December 5, 2013

The long and the short of it

I have been growing out my hair for about 6 years now.
She asks me why, I'm just a hairy guy
I'm hairy noon and night, hair that's a fright
I'm hairy high and low, don't ask me why, I don't know
And now it is time
It's not for lack of bread, like the Greatful Dead, darlin'
Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
For a hair cut!
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer
(I know, messy girl, this is at the end of our Thanksgiving evening)
Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy
And I'm nervous about it.
Hair, flow it, show it
It's not that I haven’t' worn my hair short
Long as God can grow it, my hair
Most of my adult life my hair has been short. Like really really short.
Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees
Give a home to the fleas
A home for fleas, a hive for the buzzing bees
And I've so enjoyed having my hair super long
A nest for birds, there ain't no words
For the beauty, splendor, the wonder of my hair
But now, now it is time to take it up a notch
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow, my hair

I think
I want long, straight, curly, fuzzy, snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty
Oily, greasy, fleecy, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
Because I'm starting to feel a little like Rapunzel right about now.
Knotted, polka dotted, twisted, beaded, braided
Powered, flowered and confettied
Bangled, tangled, spangled and spahettied
And if you find a hair in your soup, don't pull to hard.
Oh say, can you see my eyes if you can
Then my hair's too short
It's most likely still attached to my head. 
Long as God can grow it my HAIR!!!

I believe Hair was written by Galt MacDermot for the musical of the same name. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for me me..

I do not want to hear Christmas Carols.  I do not want to see Christmas commercials (except for the one where Santa is running in slo-mo to Target with his hair all flowing) and I don't want to walk into ANY store bombarded by Christmas glitz and glitter.  Until after Thanksgiving.

I want to enjoy each season, individually, in order, as they come.

Is this to much to ask????

Each holiday and season brings with it expectations and a certain amount of emotional and physical work. Like, cooking a ginormous turkey and all the fixins for 20 people.  It's enough to think them through one at a time.  November is my thankful month.  The month I focus on those wonderful people in my life that I am thankful for. And a time for the entire family to get together, catch up on all the gossip and just nurture those family bonds. 

I've been reading a lot these days about self-compassion and how we care more for others than we do for ourselves.  Women are much more prone to this. As mommies and nurturers we are always getting drinks and wiping spills.  Making sure dinner is ready and baths are hot.  It's just in us to care for the comfort of those we love. 

BUT sometimes we just gotta say, 'What about meeee???'

Even if you are fortunate enough to live with a nurturer you still gotta learn how to be compassionate to yourself.  It's more than just taking time to soak in a bubbly tub with a good book and a hot cup of tea.   Oh that's good too! Yes, do that! But I'm talking about taking this a little deeper.  I'm talking about being nice to yourself, forgiving yourself and well, being thankful for YOU!

This month I shall focus on being thankful for me.  For me! 

What about me would Tarot say I should be thankful for this week?

What about me am I thankful for?
What are those things about me that good?
What are those things about me that are not so good?

What about me am I thankful for?
The energy card is The Star, follow your dreams, magical solutions, heavenly illumination.
I am thankful for the path that I am following.  A mystical magical path. A safe place for me to grow and learn.

Affirmation: I am following my dreams.  I seek and understand magical solutions. I receive illumination from heavenly places.

What are those things about me that good?
The Ace of Swords! New ideas, new thoughts.
I have many great ideas.  They come in bucketful's at times.  I don't know what to do with them all. 

Affirmation:  I have many ideas. I create from these ideas. I have many new thoughts.  I use these thoughts to help myself and those around me.

What are those things about me that are not so good?
Temperance.  Ah, what is that! Temperance is good, is good! I sometimes am not patient with others. I get OCD on arts/craft projects.  I am not always a good listener.

Affirmation: I am patient with others.  I have balance between family/work/art. I focus on the task at hand.  I am compassionate and listen to others.

What about you are you thankful for?


Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Beverly

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

Beverly has an upcoming business idea and wants to know if it's a go or should she wait awhile.

I'm using the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.  This is a uber creepy deck with lots of unusual creatures and images.  Reads much like a traditional Rider Waite deck with a bit of a twist.  I find it accurate and fun.  I love these images and I'm looking forward to the other decks he has up his sleeve. muahaha....

Ok Beverly, we got the Tower smack dab in the middle! Oh nos! You see, The Tower is never a good card for me.  Utter destruction, people falling off the tower, shiz is on fire.  Well, it's all bad.  And that, dear friend is the energy of this project.  Wow!

So what now? Glad you asked.  On the left we have the SUN! YAY! And the Knight of Pentacles is rockin, but in the wrong direction.  7 of Swords, well he's eatin up all the swords.  So while I think this is a great idea with a lot of hope and potential, you need to change the direction some. 

Is there any hope for this project in the future?  Yes I say YES! Right down the middle the Sun needs to pass through the fire (Tower) to get to the Ace of Swords.  So something new is coming.  It could be an addition to the idea that is just what is needed to move forward.  Something is going to cause a change.  You may think your idea has been dashed to pieces.  It hasn't really.  Things needed to be shaken up a bit in order for you to focus on what is really going to work.  The Hanged Man (one of my  most favorite cards.) tells me you need to look from new eyes.  You know how you can't figure out something and you turn it upside down and around and all of a sudden you SEE it?  Looking at the thing with a different perspective.  Look and figure all angles and see if something shows itself.  The Queen of Cups is heading toward the knight.  She's going to bring all that fantastic energy back to the project and get him moving in the right direction.

Advice: For a timing card I got The Magician.  I don't use Majors for timing, this tells me there is some work left to do before you can resume this project.  You have all the tools, you have everything you need to complete and be successful here.  This project needs more research or needs reworking.  I'm also getting that you should enlist the help of some trusted friends to help you 'see' what needs to be worked. Maybe there is some new tool that will help you work through the problem. 

Thank you for allowing me to read for you.  I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any questions please let me know.  I'd be happy to answer them if I can.


Do you like the Deviant Moon Tarot? This is truly a unique deck and super fun to use during the Halloween season.  You can get yours delivered before Halloween!  Check it out!

Halloweenie Reading for Brenda

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month. 

Brenda would like to know if her mother will/should move up here.

I'm using the Halloween Tarot here.  Such a cute deck with imps and bats, pumpkins and ghosts.  This is a very user friendly, Rider Waite clone.  Easy and accurate.  You can pick up a deck for yourself, I've provided the links below.

I pulled 7 cards, energy in the middle, Brenda on the left and mum on the right.
So I see that Brenda is very worried about her mom.  I do see a move coming up. I see that mom is going through a tough time.  The Tower is always about catastrophic events.  She's a strong woman and it looks as if she is riding this storm pretty well.  Still I think she may need to be closer to her family.  The King of Pumpkins tells me that the hubs (or father figure, dad?) is a concern.  Is the hubs or dad in favor of the move?  I'm not seeing conflict.  I think it most likely will be a good move for everyone. 

I'm a yes on the move.  Mom is in need of assistance.  You are worried and need her as much as she needs you.  I think it will be a good move.

I'm not real sure on the timing issue.  I'm getting the 3rd week of July.  That's a long way away so I'm not too sure about that. 


You can get a copy of this charming deck on Amazon. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Teresa

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

Teresa has asked 'How can I bring more courage and fire (passion) into my life?'

I've used the All Hallows Tarot by Robin Tisch-Hollister.  This is a very readable Rider Waite clone.  There is all sorts of spiritual and divination images in these cards.  There's even a Happy Squirrel card!!! Truly a fun deck and perfect for any gathering of ghouls. 
I've pulled 3 cards.

Justice   Death   3 of Cups.
How cute is that? So I ask you, what needs to die, what is getting in the way in order for you to have courage and passion? See that last card? Joy! Celebration! What's in the way? Justice, Death. Justice, fairness, truth. What is going on that is not fair? These are Majors baby, you've got some heavy hitting things going on that are going to take some doing in order to remove them. Think on those lines. Fairness, justice, truth. If you could think of one thing, the biggest thing keeping you stuck, what would it be? THAT is the thing that needs to be removed before you can move forward. This is tough stuff sistah. I pulled a timing card and it looks like the 2nd week in March. You will start to see some movement, progress about that time. Don't be discouraged. This is big and will be some hard work involved. It wont happen overnight so you just gotta keep chipping away at it.


you can download the All Hallows PDF file here.

I think this deck can still be purchased here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Dominic

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

I've received a request from Dominic that want to know what the Universe has for him at this time in his life. 

I'm using the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.  A uniquely different deck with odd creatures, abnormal body parts and quirky eyes.  You could call it a dark deck and it rather is, however, I'd just call it odd.  I'm in love with the art work.  I find them to be accurate and easy to read.  It is a Rider Waite clone with traditional suits and can be read as you would the RW deck.  I will warn you.  If you use this with your clients they may be put off by the images. 

Ace of Wands  10 of Swords   8 of Wands.

I am seeing a lot of struggle in your life right now. It must seem like your being attacked and torn at from all sides no matter where you turn. The universe is saying here to remember your goal. Remember where you were and how things were going great and you were working and succeeding at your goal. That passion you had. The excitement you had. Because things have become difficult you think you're on the wrong track. You are not. The thing you started, that goal, dream, is going to come to fruition. It will be completed, you'll get it. By the end of next fall you will either see the completion of your goal/project or many of the difficulties will be resolved.


Here's the link where you can get your own Deviant Moon Tarot.  Pretty cheap too!  If you have Amazon Prime you get free shipping AND you can get it in 2 days! Just in time for your upcoming Halloweenie party.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Princess Peach

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

I've received a request for Princess Peach and has asked how her pregnancy is progressing and will she have a safe delivery and perhaps a question about her relationship. Because she is growing a new human I thought The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West.  An adorable childlike deck with all sorts of fun images.  A RW based deck that has changed the names of the suits for a more Halloweenie feel.  Earth is Pumpkins, Air is Bats, Fire is Imps and Water is Ghosts. 

One of the most fun exercises that I do is to ask for the sex of the child. In this spread I asked if the child will be a girl. I then use this 5 card spread to get more information concerning the relationship and general health of the pregnancy.

Will Princess Peach be having a girl and how are things progressing for her?

This photo would not adjust no matter what I did, thanks Mercury Retrograde! 

2 of Bats, The Tower, Queen of Imps, The Moon and Judgment

So it looks as if Princess Peach will be having a girl.  I see that in the beginning of the pregnancy there were some difficulties.  Most likely these were significant concerns.  There may have been a question as to whether she would be able to carry this child full term.  There may have been some decision that she felt she needed to make.  Perhaps there was a relationship problem in the beginning of the pregnancy.  I see that Princess Peach is a strong woman with great determination.  She is still greatly concerned about the health and safety of her child.  I see that there will still be struggles with the pregnancy.  Nothing life threatening, just worrisome to a dear mommy.  I see that you will have a precious bundle of joy.  I had pulled an extra card for some clarity and got the Queen of Pumpkins.  This is a nurturing mommy card for me. Are you expecting to deliver around the end of March? Like 3rd week of March? 

Advice?  You have a lot going on in your life.  A new baby coming. Possibly a full time job, a home and a hubs to juggle.  Don't look for perfection.  Relax.  Now is a time for you to focus on removing some stressors from your life.  While you may have been able to 'do it all'. Your wonderwoman days need to be put on hold while you incubate this tiny life.  Let people know that you will have to pass on certain things.  We would never consider asking a pregnant woman to carry heavy boxes but we forget that stressful things are just as difficult for pregnant women.  Schedule rest times.  Rest time can be sipping hot soup in front of the tube or reading a good book.  We live in an age of strong wonderful women and we don't want to appear weak to anyone. But what goes on in your head and what is happening in your body is two completely different things. This is a time to say, 'I am creating a new life and that takes everything I've got!'  There is no shame in telling everyone you're going home to take a nap!

Peace peace and more peace

You can pick up your deck on Amazon.  You can check it out here.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Jane

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

I received a request from Jane who wants some general information about future finances.  She has a fondness for the All Hallows Tarot by Robyn Tisch-Hollister.  This is a sweet indie deck that reads RW traditional.  I've found it easy and accurate. I really love the images and there is a whole host of divination tricks in there.  Ouija boards, crystal balls.  Truly unique deck.  I think you can still purchase the deck here.   
Halloweenie reading for Jane.

Jane has a question about future finances.

7of Swords                                                     Strength

The Devil                 High Priestess               10 of Cups

8 of Wands                                                    The Lovers

The first thing I will say is there is much going on today that needs addressing in order to improve finances in the future.

The High Priestess is telling me that this spread concerns spiritual matters. Perhaps you have a spiritually based biz (lightworker?) But mostly I see things going on that are hindering your financial growth.  On the left I've got  The Devil is almost always addictions. If not chemical then some other addictive behavior. Always about bondage of some kind. So I'm seeing something going on that needs to be removed before you can move on successfully. I'm also seeing some theft or deception (most likely result of addictions) that is thwarting your progress. If you'll notice the 8 of Wands that in a traditional RW deck means movement. Here the arrows (wands) are stuck in a tree. Lots of movement, yes, however they are stopped and stuck. The theft and deception, result of an addiction (of some sort) results in stuck momentum.

In the future (right side) I see a lot of wonderful family support. I have Strength. The young woman looks concerned and maybe a little frightened. The wolf is on the watch and will let her know when something is amiss. 10 of Cups and the Lovers is letting me know that you have a whole lotta love going on. You can lean on them for support and wisdom. Comfort. This is where you will get the best assistance in order to move forward financially.

I apologize for the crappy pic. I didn't realize it was so blurry till I uploaded it. Also I drew 2 timing cards that I didn't show.

I see that you will be working on this for a little while. It's going to take about a year. The difficulty needs to be addressed, worked through and managed or removed. By the beginning of winter (next winter) this will all be behind you. You will have worked through all the difficulties and be productive and financially much better off.

I hope she finds this helpful.  


For the remainder of the month I will be doing free Halloweenie Readings.  I'll do as many as I can.  Drop me a comment and I'll pick a Halloweenie deck that suits your question.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ariel Castro Suicide or

Arial Castro suicide or ???

Arial Castro was recently convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder and was sentenced to life plus 1000 years. When he commuted suicide in his cell last week there was quite a buzz about it and some were even saying that the guards may have involved or negligent.

I decided to pull a few cards and see what I can see.

Center energy card. AC is represented on the left side of the spread.

The guards are represented on the right side of the spread.

The High Priestess                                      Son of Cups
Death                       Justice                       4 of Swords
10 of Swords                                            7 of Cups

The center card, Justice, is the energy card. Nuff said! I think spiritually justice has been done and the only proper ending for this situation. There is no way to recover the lost lives done at the hands of Ariel Castro. This is all very shocking to everyone involved however it is an appropriate ending to this horrid mess. Not even the house was permitted to live. It was torn down and completely removed and will never house another family. Think of all the intense energy that happened in that house. The neighborhood no longer has to deal with all the looky loos from disturbing the surrounding neighbors.

The cards dealing with AC are on the left side and we see some very revealing cards. The High Priestess, Death and 10 of Swords. All very telling cards for Mr. Castro. All are facing away from justice. The black cat has his body towards Castro. Not really looking. He looks at the reader and says, 'Justice'. All feelings aside certain things must be done in order to somehow make amends in order for these young ladies to move on with their lives. Because evil MUST face the consequences of it's actions. To the right of Justice is Death. While the Death card rarely speaks of actual death to me I am always surprised when the Death card comes up and really means death.

Just under Death we have the 10 of Swords. This is an unusually dark card. A bull can be seen in the darkened bottom of the card. Nine swords are piercing the skin of the bull and one sword is pierced through the eyes of the bull. Surely another death card. The pain of his captivity, what he has done and how can he now live with the aftermath was more than he could bear. Castro means castle, fortress. He created, protected and ruled his fortress with a cruel hand. Now he sees that same power will now be exerted over him and it was overwhelming.

The High Priestess is that great unknown. The unseen world. A strong proud man (as seen by the regal looking tiger) looked into the sphere and saw a place where he could be free of the pain and humiliation. A place where he will be understood. Perhaps even a place where he can find the love and companionship that he sought here on earth. It's where he will be seen and known as the proud strong roaring tiger he sees himself to be.

I see from the cards that he really did not believe he was a bad person. He felt he was a loving person. He never saw himself as a monster and many that knew him would say that is true! A kind and compassionate man that cared for and helped others. The media and court trial revealed things about himself that he did not believe. He never considered himself a monster and was mortified by the things he heard. He could not defend himself against the accusations. He felt he was not understood. Mistreated. Lied about. The world just did not know him.

The consequence of his actions was greater than he could bear. Death was his only recourse and he felt that he could be somehow redeem himself by killing himself. He didn't do it for anyone's benefit, only his own. He was not able to manage the captivity of the prison. Death afforded him freedom. Freedom from his endless torment. Freedom to the afterlife.

On his captors side (right side) the 4 of Swords hover over a gentle resting lamb. They were on watch and careful however they were lulled by their peaceful captive. They may not have checked him every 30 minutes as claimed. AC, an intelligent man certainly could have (and most likely did) time his actions in order to not get caught. AC most likely did not give them any trouble and they may have let their guard down. AC was obviously despondent and quiet. He may have even appeared to be sleeping. They were not prepared for what they found.

The Son of Cups and the 7 of Cups shows that these guards are sensitive and caring. They perform their duties in a compassionate manner. The 7 of Cups tells me that one of them was experienced enough to know the drill for men like AC. He knows all the tricks and understands the warning signs of men in this ward. I think the Son of Cups guard is going to experience a great deal of difficulty concerning this. He may be suspended as a result of this event. They both may experience a great deal of publicity over it. One of the guards may seek another position and not return to the prison. This is going to be a very emotional time for the guards. Emotionally they may relive the events and suffer as a result. They both are going to have to rehash their every movement over and over until this is totally resolved. These men will forever live with the memories of this event.

I do not see any indication that the guards were directly involved in the death of AC. I do think however that they may not have checked him every 30 minutes. AC was found around 9 in the evening. That is relatively early evening and I believe checks were still on schedule. From the cards I believe that AC timed his actions in order to not get caught.

NOTE: I pulled these cards on 9/7/13 and wrote up what I read. It needed to be cleaned up some before I posted this. Today I learned that the guards were placed on admin leave. That is to be expected as a death occurred. I found it interesting that Justice and Death came up where they did and I found the energy of the cards to be accurate. 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Zimmerman Verdict is in

The Zimmerman trial is over and the verdict is in.  I must admit that I am terribly conflicted over the verdict.  I will not bore you with the details as I'm sure everyone has their own difficulties with this trial.  I do know these families have suffered a great loss and that their lives will never be the same.

I thought that I would do a little spread for Mr. Zimmerman and how he will move on with his life.

Note:  I am using Orphalese for ease.  I'm not sure how to make them appear in the reverse position on this program so I'll just let you know when they came up reversed in my reading.

The Hangman reversed:
In the energy position we see that things are not what they appear, an illusion really.  The verdict was 'Not Guilty' but he certainly did take the life of a young person.  When we say that Mr. Z was not guilty what we are really saying is that the jury found him not guilty of the charges brought against him.  Spiritually they are not the same.  In this reversed position we see the Hanged Man in an upright position with his feet tied.  He is not really free to continue his life as he knew it.  He is now bound by this series of events.

Left positions, Mr. Zimmerman
The 4 Cups here is showing depression and social isolation. This is going to continue for some time in the future. The Ace of cups reversed is showing showing depression as well.  Unhappy, lack of joy and the Queen of cups reversed is another clue of disharmony in his emotional state with the addition of his wife.  She is suffering the effects of her husbands circumstansces.  No doubt she is experiencing the same responses from the public.  While Mr. Z is free from incarceration, he is a prisoner of his emotions and the public (media) opinion.

On the right side is the surrounding energies/circumstanses.

 Judgement is reversed here.  Yes this trial is completed and another one is on the way.  Mr. Z's legal battles are not over and in fact preparations are now being made for 'round 2'.  The Queen of Pentacles reversed is a very telling card concerning his marriage and home life. His home life is turned upside down.  Isolation comes up again.  His 'before' life is now gone.  It all seems so very hopeless.  We also have Death reversed.  Death is an ending a sign that something has come to a natural end and a new beginning is on it's way.  In this case Death (oh so sad that this is a real death) has not ended.  The result of this death is that it is not only an ending.  It's a death that caused and continues to cause more endings for Mr. Z.

I found this to be a rather sad reading.  This reading was done at the time of the verdict and the energies were quite high at the time and the public sentiments had not started at the time.

I believe these energies are going to continue for a little while yet.  Just my personal opinion.  I continue to pray for the families of Travon Martin and George Zimmerman.  May they find peace in this impossible situation.


The Gilded Tarot @Ciro Marchetti

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lenormand Calandar Spread July 2013


I recently watched Malkiel and Donnaleigh's videos on the Lenormand Calendar spread. I thought it was such a fantastic exorcize that I just had to try it myself. (I will post linky dinks down below) Calendar spreads are a wonderful way to get a snapshot of your day/week/month/year. It's also great way to get familiar with a new deck or oracle. As you watch the days unfold you can capture new meanings for your oracle.

What you will be doing is laying out a card for each day of the month as a monthly spread. You will need a calendar of some sort. If you don't have a calendar that you can write on it's easy enough to print one from the internet or just create your own. You will need this to record the cards you have pulled for each day.

I'll be using two methods for recording my Lenormand month. I'll be writing out the numbers in my journal and my art board. I use my art board for laying out spreads that I want to keep out for a little while. A large sheet of sketch paper is clipped on my art board and I can experiment with a number of new oracles or spreads and keep them out to see how they interact over a few days. This art board is ridged enough to keep the cards from shifting and it's flat enough to tuck under a bed. If you don't have an art board you could use a piece of plywood, cardboard or foamboard.


 Next you're going to shuffle up your favorite Lenny deck and start laying out your cards face up onto the calendar. Now what will you do with those 5 extra cards??? What Malkiel and Donnaleigh have done is find the difficult or troublesome cards and lay a card right on top of that card. Let's say the clouds, mountain, death, whip or scythe. 

You could also set one of the extra cards at the end of the week and use it has a pairing card for each day of that week.


I'll be using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. That's a mouthful for me so I call it the Gilded Lenny. This is a traditional/non traditional deck that is just as fabulous as all of Ciro's decks. It's traditional as in it has all 36 traditional Lenormand cards but the are a few surprise extras. It's also quite a bit larger than a traditional Lenny deck.

The Gilded Lenny has all the traditional Lenormand cards in it but there are some extra cards as well. First you have the extra man and woman cards. I use these extra cards all the time and these are great if you have readings with same sex couples but there are many occasions where these significators can be used. I wont be needing the extra man/woman for this month spread.

There is also two #12 cards, the birds. I use the cute little red birds for social media. This is gossipy, water cooler type communications. Chit chat. Conversation light. The other is owls. Owls are wise creatures delivering meaningful messages from the divine. While the little red birds chatter about the mundane the owls bring wisdom. This is the card that brings the deep spiritual instruction that I need to hear. The birds card can also be a couple, older couple, grandparents. I've got stuff going on with my parents so I'll be using this card to represent them.

Ciro has 4 other unique cards that he has added. #37 is the Time card. You can see all forms of time represented. It usually means I need to be patient and wait for the proper timing. #38 is the Bridge. This is a very useful card. In a 3 card line it can bridge the pairing cards for a way through a situation. #39 is Dice, another great card. Kind of like the Wheel of Fortune or the Jokers. Something is gonna come and gum up the works or... something is going to show up and save the day in a big way!! And lastly is the Mask. #40. Fabulously beautiful this card could have many meanings. I see it rather like Carnival! A huge party, lots of fun. There is always a down side to every party and you can look to where Mr. Grumpy is facing as to what that will be. 

So if you want to work with a traditional Lenny deck you can easily remove all the extra cards. If you do you will have 6 cards left over. I love all of these cards so I'm going to be working with 10 extra cards. (minus the x man/woman) That's a whole lotta cards so I had to really think that one through.

Now I'm going to shuffle these up and place them on the calendar.

July starts on a Monday so you can see I'm one space in at this point. I'm laying out all the way to the end and then I've decided with all these extras I will be using an end card for paring.


Now that all the calendar spaces are filled in I'll be setting out the extra cards over some troublesome cards and also on days/areas that I need a little more information on.


I enjoy working with the energies of the Runes and often add them to my readings. For each day I pulled a Rune and recorded each rune on my calendar.

Now that the month is on I'm now able to refer to the month 2 ways. I can read the month from my journal and I can also read the month on my art board. I will be keeping the cards up on my board for the entire month so I can more easily see all the interactions of the cards.


I too had difficulty associating the numbers with each card. While you don't really need to remember the numbers it is quite helpful if you like to journal your readings. It may seem like a daunting task and Donnaleigh has graciously created a video series that helps you easily remember each card and it's number association. As an added bonus she has also created a video on the court card associations. This is helpful in locating people in the Lenormand. The Lenormand has it's own numbering associations but it also has playing card associations and this video specifically helps you remember the court card/Lenormand card associations.


Here are links so you can see how Malkiel and Donnaleigh create their Lenormand Calendar spreads.

Malkiel Rouven Dietrich is a gifted German psychic and has a great many videos on how to read the Lenormand. He has done 2 Lenormand Calendar spreads and you can see those videos in the links I've provided.

Donnaleigh has posted a vido on her blog and Youtube channel and you can see that here.

DO YOU WANT TO MEMORIZE THE CARD NUMBER ASSOCIATIONS??? of course you do. Try it, no really, it's very very easy!!

Now that you've memorized all the numbers go ahead and check this out! You can memorized all the court cards in the Lenormand. Also very very very easy.


Monday, June 17, 2013

The Party is over

Ah Father's Day was a hit, all went on without a hitch.  There were only 2 injuries, both of them burns. One while cooking (not me) and one while ironing.  A craft for the kiddies involving iron ons.  None serious, and a great big thank you to my hardy Aloe Vera plant. 

Ha ha! Knight of Wands! My active loving burn victims.  And the Magician, the magic Aloe Vera plant to the rescue!  Ends in a loving time for all.

It was my goal to provide a beautiful relaxing Father's Day for all the wonderful dads in my life.  A great time was had by all and I think everyone got closer in their relationships. 


Sunday, June 16, 2013



Another quickie today as it is Father's Day and people will be arriving any moment!!

Fathers Day Gift!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Father's Day here in my home.

There will be 7 fathers, 3 of them are also grandfathers and one great grandfather. It is always a beautiful time when we can all get together, catch up and just spend time together. So I better hustle, there is much to do!!

Card 1
What is the greatest gift I can give my dad today? Knight of pentacles

My dad is going through a difficult time right now. His brother who lives 3000 away is in hospice. There is great concern over what to do. He'll need me here to take care of their dog and some affairs of the home. He needs me to help him get organized, there is much to prepare before he leaves and he will stay with his brother until he passes. He needs me to be patient as he is often forgetful. He knows I am committed to helping him get things in order and he trusts me with his affairs.

How can I best express my love to my dad? 8 of Swords.
My did feels blindfolded, he does not really have a clear picture of what is going on with my uncle. And he feels handcuffed at the moment. So far away he feels so helpless. Today I can give him the emotional support he needs, to empower him encourage him. Dad is elderly but is still able to make informed intellegent decisions. I can reassure him that he can do it and I can make a few suggestions along the way. I can give him that peace of mind here so that he can go and be with his brother in his last days.

What can I give to the other dads today? Wheel of Fortune!!
I will reluctantly admit that I have a personal struggle with one of the dads coming today. Today that wheel needs to bring a positive change in me. I can have a wonderful loving attitude, an attitude of acceptance and love. Today I will bring forth a spirit of celebration for all the dads, granddads and great granddads.

Now go out and hug a dad, yours or someone else's.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tarot Quickie

Oh so very busy the day  before Fathers Day that I just did not have the time for my daily spread.  Perfect time for a Tarot Quickie

Oh how sweet!

All the cleaning and shopping and cooking and prepping.  It truly wears me out and I can get a bit grumpy.  Gratitude!  Giving gifts of love and time to those we love.  It is truly worth more than gold!

Blessed Fathers Day to all! Celebrate a Dad near you!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

CoD The Fool

I'm enjoying the Aquarian Tarot for it's vintage feel and soft earthy colors.  Today I've pulled a card to see how my family gathering will go.

Ah, the Fool.  It is a sweet card for me and I enjoy seeing it in any reading.  It's always about new beginnigs and wonderful new starts. This fool is rather different from the Rider Waite.  This card could amost be a Page, maybe a Page of Wands.  
This intent fellow (young lady?) is looking backward.  These family gatherings are always stressful for me.  Some members of the family do not get along well and there is always a snipe or dig somewhere along the line.  Have I been guilty of them? I am ashamed to say that I am.  This Fool is not blindly stepping off a cliff not knowing what will happen next.  This Fool Is dressed and ready to roll.  Warm jacket, spiffy hat, a budding wand and a lovely flower.  He can clearly see the past and is quite focused on it.  Protected against the elements with a warm jacket. (we'll be picnicing at a campground, early evening, and it will be cool) A head covering to protect my mind from snipes and snips.  Ignore it, let the nonscense just roll off.  The budding wand, only allow my actions to produce fruit.  And the white flower is a gift of peace and restoration.  The Fool looks behind but looks at it through new fresh eyes, forgiving, bearing gifts of peace, but all the while protecting against the elements.

Ah Fool
Ah Peace


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jodi Arias Death or Life

So as you know I've been pulling cards for the Jodi Arias murder trial.  Today I asked if the jury would vote for the Death Penalty.  Four yeses and 1 no.  Today I am off to a major meeting.  No time to write this out.


Me thinks I should have asked a better question.  While the answer is a positive yes (with 4 yes) there's a clue in the cards here.  

Two of Swords, Three of Pentacles, Eight of Cups, The Devil and the Hierophant

The Two of Swords is always a legal card to me.  The blindfold and the Swords in their position.  One interpretation is 'someone is not making a decision now.'  So we have a person in a legal position that is not able to make a decision. As of today I hear that the Jury was locked 8-4. The Hierophant lets me know someones spirit is troubled over this decision.  Three of Pentacles is a spiritual commitment card but it's also about teamwork.  This team is making a spiritual commitment to end another persons life.  While I'm disappointed in the hung decision I am very happy that they are taking their job very very seriously.  This is the most serious decision twelve people can make.

The 8 of Cups is  an emotional decision to move on and leave it all behind.  This very emotional trial has taken it's toll and everyone is ready to move on with their lives.  The jury is at a point where it needs to be done here and this is all they can do.  The addictive nature of The Devil has brought everyone to a critical point.  I wonder if any of the jury members had a clue that this trial would be followed by so many people. My son calls the trial my crack.  While in Mesa this month (Mother's Day with mom who happens to live in Mesa) I insisted on driving by the court house.  I wanted to see the media circus and see the crowds. The court was quiet, there was no crowd and only the Court TV trucks could be found on side streets.  Yup, I have JA trial fever.  

The first and last cards, 2 of Swords and Hierophant tell the whole story.  A decision that cannot be made due to a spiritual consideration.  

I want to personally thank the Jodi Arias murder trial jurors for their service to our legal system.  They invested a great deal of their time, this will change their lives forever and they made a personal decision after these long months of the trial.  Regardless of how I feel about their decision I am ever so grateful that these people were able to serve and do their job well.  It is people like all of them that makes our country great.

A great big heartfelt thank you.  I shall continue to pray for you as I know how very difficult this has been for all of you and may continue to affect your lives.

With a grateful thankful heart, I bid you peace

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CoD Jodi Arias Trial

We're getting down to the wire folks.  The trial portion should be over soon no matter how much delay, recess and fits these lawyers can come up with.  After yesterdays hissy fits I can't even imagine what shenanigans they will pull off today. 

Today it is expected that Jodi will take the stand.  Not for questions, oh no, for a STATEMENT!  Yup folks, she's gonna get to speak her mind and no one can stop her and she wont be questioned.  (is it just me or does Jodi look a little looped?

This young person is keeping all her coins to herself.  She has many valuable things to protect and she is not going to let them out of her sight.  She knows she needs to keep her head together.  Keep her story straight.  Come up with something compelling to sway the jury.  Something new?  Perhaps. She has guarded her heart.  Oh my how she has guarded her heart.  She did dearly love Travis, even with her twisted ways and ideas.  She wanted him all to herself.  She didn't want to share him with anyone else.  Even in death she came up with some horrible stories that were intended to tarnish his name.  Why? To get herself off or perhaps a much lighter sentence.  But there's another angle.  She wants him all to herself.  Only SHE knew the REAL Travis and he is not what they all think he is.  And then there are her hands.  Ambidextrous she can and maybe did use both her hands to stab and shoot Travis.  Everything is guarded and kept close to her.

Yesterday we saw her lawyers trying to quit and throw the whole case out Nurmi at one point said if you wont do what I want then we will not call any witnesses.  Some apparently had been threatened, maybe some are fearful of the prosecuting pitbull (as they should be, he bites). Personally I think it's Jodi's way of controlling.  She has said she wants the death penalty, many times in fact.  I think it is just another immature fit of hers.  I don't think we'll hear her say that today.  I think it's why her lawyers want to quit.  She's difficult, controlling, aggravating and darn right nutty. The stress of this trial is overwhelming both of them.  (the defense lawyers) This was perhaps her way of saying she didn't want her family to speak as they were abusive to her.  One witness back out from fear but but we do know that there were a few witnesses still willing to testify.  

Or perhaps this is her way of trying to get a mistrial so she can do this all over again and do it much differently.  Perhaps it's a way to continue with the appeal process.  More and more for Travis family to endure.  It's heartbreaking.
This card is almost always about money for me.  Pentacles frequently speak of money and I often refer to them as coins.  All along I have gotten cards that have spoken of money.  As the trial progressed I see that more and more.  In the testimony much is spoken of money.  Travis had lent her money, he'd given her a car.  This girl did not graduate High School (on the outside) and certainly was looking for a man who could support her.  She was employed as a waitress or bar tender and certainly wanted a more prestigious position, one where she could shine and make a lot of money. Prison has not stopped her desire for success.  She continues to try to sell her artwork or raise money.  She has a few followers that have given her money so she can buy things from the commissary. 

It'll be interesting to see what comes up today.

Are you pulling cards for the Jodi Arias trial?  Link here, I'd love to see them.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Jodi Arias Murder Trial Penalty Phase

It is truly amazing to me that I would draw this card today.  There was a whole lotta drama in the court room.  The Defense Attorneys are wantin to quit.  Their witnessess are being threatened.  And they want to throw the whole thing in the can with a mistrial.  Yup. A whole lotta drama in the courthouse today.

Things are rapidly coming to an end and the animal instints are surfacing.  It's a life or death matter.  Grave importance.  And all along the way things have not gone well.  Her world is exploding.  People are tired and at their wits end.  It seems this horror will never end.  It just keeps getting worse.

And it's sad to say, this girl will not go down graciously.  The fight has only just begun.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

AND THE JURORS ARE IN DELIBERATIONS in the Jodi Arias murder trial

Verdict in the Jodi Arias trial????  Let's take a peak...

Verdict today? Let's ask the cards

The jury in the Jodi Arias trial is out for deliberations. According to HLN they've been deliberating for 13 hours. There is much ground to cover and I don't expect them to return a verdict soon. Still... I want to take a peak and see if they will return a verdict today.

I want to ask 2 questions. My first is a yes/no. Will the jury return a verdict today? And the second is an expansion of the first question. What is going on with the jurors today.

The first 5 cards are

The Chariot, Death, 9 of Swords, The Tower, Knight of Swords

Will the jury come back with a verdict today? Well it is possible, there are 3 yes's and 2 no's. I'm finding it interesting how often the Death card comes up and the number of Sword suits I get each spread. The 9 of Swords comes up quite often as well.

With just these cards I can see that the minds are mostly made up. The 2 no's are 9 of Swords (a frequent flier in the JA readings) and the Knight of Swords. So I would think that we have at least one juror that is plagued by the horrors of this trial. It's causing more than one of them to lose sleep and experience nightmares as a result. After following this trial all these months and looking at all the photos, I too have had a night or two of vivid dreams. The Knight of Swords could also be a hangup. Someone perhaps is going to hold things up with tedious discussions. There certainly is much evidence to explore and I would want them all to take their decisions very very seriously. The yes's are quite convinced that the death penalty is appropriate and are ready to convict.

Working from left to right we have The Chariot. The Chariot is all about movement of some kind and this particular card we see a tree on the edge of a cliff and the wind is carrying the leaves off and over the cliff in an erratic manner. It appears that the jurors are quite ready to move forward and move on with their lives. Death is on the table and all the jurors know that. Their decision could mean the death for this young woman. The 9 of Swords is incredibly sad. All those knives remind me of how dear Travis died. With many many knife wounds in the back. This also speaks of the unrest these jurors must surely be feeling during these last days of the trial. The Tower is my most feared card in the entire deck. It ALWAYS predicts doom or some sort of unpleasant crash. Followed by the Knight of Swords, who appears to be a difficult juror.

My thought?  I don't think they are ready for a final verdit today.  More discussion and thought is needed.  Not today folks...

More to follow.....



This is The Tarot of the Trees Tarot, the small version. Check Etsy for this wonderful deck.

I was wrong as I really thought that the jury would take a little longer.  This spread gave 3 yes and 2 no. Of the 2 no cards we have the 9 of Swords and the Knight of Swords.  Both of these cards are pretty graphic.  Take a look at the 9 of Swords with all the swords in the back. The Knight has a sword that is cutting into the neck of the treeBoth of these cards are pretty positive (yes) in this circumstance and cards already present. The jury did in fact come in with a guilty verdict today.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A day off in the 'Trial Of the Century'

The court was dark yesterday for a reason I cannot remember at the moment.  I thought I'd see what the energies are surrounding Jodi Arias this day.  Please know that I wish to do this respectfully.  There are many people hurting over this most tragic crime.  My prayers go out to the family of Travis and to all who loved him so dearly. I also pray for the Arias family as they have an equally difficult path.

 It begins with swords. Lots of them. That sash wont protect you from the sharp blades.  In this past present position we see the swords approaching, in the present, they've arrived and have hit their mark.  Very fitting dontcha think?  So many swords.  So many stab wounds. It is almost the number of jurors left.  There is 16 jurors left and one judge makes 17.  Seventeen impartial members of the court, fighting for the truth.  It is a slow and difficult road. 

The goal or challenge is the King of Swords.  More Swords! The King of Swords is a judge of sorts.  Intelligent, logical, decisive and fair.  Legal matters and rules and limitations.  I see this as a challenge for JA.  How will this legal situation work for her, perhaps work against her?  How will this court accomplish a fair judgement for everyone?   Internal influences is the Queen of Pentacles (bottom card, under King of Swords) A very nurturing woman although this cards shows a tree burdened with much snow.  Bowed and pointing herself back to the earth.  Encircling herself.  Protective of the pentacle coming from her roots, perhaps even the trunk of a tree/offshoot that was cut down and now used as a pedestal.  JA desired to be a wife and a mother and no doubt she mourns that future she may never have now.  External influences is the 5 of Swords.  Ah, one more sword for this reading. The energies surrounding her are scattered and divisive.  Innocent? Battered woman? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?  There is much disagreement as to why this came about.  There is much difficulty in getting straight answers and making sense of it all.

release page of cups   and accept king of pents

What must be released is the Page of Cups.   A sweet kind and playful page, romantic and naive.  After all the photos and phone calls we've heard,  it's impossible to think of JA in this innocent loving way.  What must be accepted, The King of Pentacles.  I have not determined what this means in this position.  More on that as things are revealed.

In the two future positions are Strength and Death.  Much strength is needed now for everyone.  The trial is still ongoing and is there is still much more to go.  It is increasingly more difficult for the families as time goes on.  They are weary, all of them.  Both sides of the families are showing signs of stress. The legal eagles look cool, calm and collected.  Sharp and fresh every day.  While on the outside they appear put together, I can only imagine the toll it is taking on them personally and for their families.

DEATH!  The Death card is not a scary card for me.  Signifying an ending with the promise of a new beginning.  HOWEVER! in the case of this trial I have charged this card with the death penalty.  The death penalty is being sought by the prosecution so it is not a stretch to add this to the meanings of some cards.  Just as the swords that continually show up clearly say to me the knife that was used to kill Travis, this card shows the very real possibility of the death penalty for JA.  It is in the further future position which means to me the death penalty is still on the table for her.

As I pull cards for this trial it is unbelievable how often the Death card comes up and the number of Swords that come up as well.

On to today's trial.  Wonder what the cards will have to say.....

Are you drawing cards for the JA trial?  Share your spreads, I'd love to see them.


Friday, April 19, 2013

A reading for Jodi Arias

I am totally consumed with the Jodi Arias trial going on right now.  Every day I'm tuned in. I intently watch when I'm able and it plays quietly on my computer while I work.  Consumed? That would be a yes!!! I find it disturbing and fascinating at the same time.  My oh my, what's a Tarot reader to do???

Why, I must draw cards!  Throw it down P, here we go....

This is my new deck, it's the Tarot of the Trees. I got the small version which is pretty dang cool, smaller in size than my poker deck, card stock, awesome! shuffles like a dream.  Colors? Well, they are beeyouteeful! A gently watercolored deck. All about trees, no peeps, just trees.  Want to get your own adorable deck?  Click here.

Alrighty, on to the reading.  Now I pull cards darn near every day.  I ask different questions depending on the events of the day.  This day I just pulled a general, what's going on in JA's head today?
And I got.....
 Nine of Wands and The Devil.  Now in this deck the wands are causing the tree to bow. (yes I could see this another way, and if they were swords...) All of her troubles and trials are causing a great pressure on her to the breaking point.  I always read The Devil as addictive behaviours and is pretty fitting for this young woman.  JA is a woman consumed with uncontrolled emotions that have gotten her into more chains and bondage
Temperance is the goal here.  Perhaps challenge. Temperance is about balance, moderation, something that Jodi is not well known for.  The internal influence is 5 of Wands.  That internal conflict, look at the way the limbs all grow together in a weird way.  Impossibly wrong and yet so much apart of this akward tree that it appears normal.  The external influence is the Ace of Swords.  Seeking truth!  So fitting as the trial attemps to figure out the truth about this horrible crime.
 What needs to be released? Pleasure, luxury.  At one point in the trial a comment is made of the smallness of the closet and how pristine it all looks after an alleged struggle in there.  JA's response was very telling. 'It's bigger than the cell I live in, it's not small!' She could have lived a life of a gifted photographer and artist. Now she will spend her life in a tiny room, smaller than a closet.

What needs to be accepted. The Emperor.  Structure, rules, order, living under the authority of the legal system.  I don't know how's she has accepted this new life but this is her life now.
 The 2 future cards, Justice and the 7 of Wands.  Will Justice be done? I hope so for Travis and his family and facing opposition.  She will need courage, steadfastness and tenacity to defend her views.  Does she have what it takes? 
Are you throwing down for the Arias trial?  Share your spreads!!