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Another quickie today as it is Father's Day and people will be arriving any moment!!

Fathers Day Gift!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Father's Day here in my home.

There will be 7 fathers, 3 of them are also grandfathers and one great grandfather. It is always a beautiful time when we can all get together, catch up and just spend time together. So I better hustle, there is much to do!!

Card 1
What is the greatest gift I can give my dad today? Knight of pentacles

My dad is going through a difficult time right now. His brother who lives 3000 away is in hospice. There is great concern over what to do. He'll need me here to take care of their dog and some affairs of the home. He needs me to help him get organized, there is much to prepare before he leaves and he will stay with his brother until he passes. He needs me to be patient as he is often forgetful. He knows I am committed to helping him get things in order and he trusts me with his affairs.

How can I best express my love to my dad? 8 of Swords.
My did feels blindfolded, he does not really have a clear picture of what is going on with my uncle. And he feels handcuffed at the moment. So far away he feels so helpless. Today I can give him the emotional support he needs, to empower him encourage him. Dad is elderly but is still able to make informed intellegent decisions. I can reassure him that he can do it and I can make a few suggestions along the way. I can give him that peace of mind here so that he can go and be with his brother in his last days.

What can I give to the other dads today? Wheel of Fortune!!
I will reluctantly admit that I have a personal struggle with one of the dads coming today. Today that wheel needs to bring a positive change in me. I can have a wonderful loving attitude, an attitude of acceptance and love. Today I will bring forth a spirit of celebration for all the dads, granddads and great granddads.

Now go out and hug a dad, yours or someone else's.


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