Sunday, May 26, 2013

CoD The Fool

I'm enjoying the Aquarian Tarot for it's vintage feel and soft earthy colors.  Today I've pulled a card to see how my family gathering will go.

Ah, the Fool.  It is a sweet card for me and I enjoy seeing it in any reading.  It's always about new beginnigs and wonderful new starts. This fool is rather different from the Rider Waite.  This card could amost be a Page, maybe a Page of Wands.  
This intent fellow (young lady?) is looking backward.  These family gatherings are always stressful for me.  Some members of the family do not get along well and there is always a snipe or dig somewhere along the line.  Have I been guilty of them? I am ashamed to say that I am.  This Fool is not blindly stepping off a cliff not knowing what will happen next.  This Fool Is dressed and ready to roll.  Warm jacket, spiffy hat, a budding wand and a lovely flower.  He can clearly see the past and is quite focused on it.  Protected against the elements with a warm jacket. (we'll be picnicing at a campground, early evening, and it will be cool) A head covering to protect my mind from snipes and snips.  Ignore it, let the nonscense just roll off.  The budding wand, only allow my actions to produce fruit.  And the white flower is a gift of peace and restoration.  The Fool looks behind but looks at it through new fresh eyes, forgiving, bearing gifts of peace, but all the while protecting against the elements.

Ah Fool
Ah Peace


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jodi Arias Death or Life

So as you know I've been pulling cards for the Jodi Arias murder trial.  Today I asked if the jury would vote for the Death Penalty.  Four yeses and 1 no.  Today I am off to a major meeting.  No time to write this out.


Me thinks I should have asked a better question.  While the answer is a positive yes (with 4 yes) there's a clue in the cards here.  

Two of Swords, Three of Pentacles, Eight of Cups, The Devil and the Hierophant

The Two of Swords is always a legal card to me.  The blindfold and the Swords in their position.  One interpretation is 'someone is not making a decision now.'  So we have a person in a legal position that is not able to make a decision. As of today I hear that the Jury was locked 8-4. The Hierophant lets me know someones spirit is troubled over this decision.  Three of Pentacles is a spiritual commitment card but it's also about teamwork.  This team is making a spiritual commitment to end another persons life.  While I'm disappointed in the hung decision I am very happy that they are taking their job very very seriously.  This is the most serious decision twelve people can make.

The 8 of Cups is  an emotional decision to move on and leave it all behind.  This very emotional trial has taken it's toll and everyone is ready to move on with their lives.  The jury is at a point where it needs to be done here and this is all they can do.  The addictive nature of The Devil has brought everyone to a critical point.  I wonder if any of the jury members had a clue that this trial would be followed by so many people. My son calls the trial my crack.  While in Mesa this month (Mother's Day with mom who happens to live in Mesa) I insisted on driving by the court house.  I wanted to see the media circus and see the crowds. The court was quiet, there was no crowd and only the Court TV trucks could be found on side streets.  Yup, I have JA trial fever.  

The first and last cards, 2 of Swords and Hierophant tell the whole story.  A decision that cannot be made due to a spiritual consideration.  

I want to personally thank the Jodi Arias murder trial jurors for their service to our legal system.  They invested a great deal of their time, this will change their lives forever and they made a personal decision after these long months of the trial.  Regardless of how I feel about their decision I am ever so grateful that these people were able to serve and do their job well.  It is people like all of them that makes our country great.

A great big heartfelt thank you.  I shall continue to pray for you as I know how very difficult this has been for all of you and may continue to affect your lives.

With a grateful thankful heart, I bid you peace

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CoD Jodi Arias Trial

We're getting down to the wire folks.  The trial portion should be over soon no matter how much delay, recess and fits these lawyers can come up with.  After yesterdays hissy fits I can't even imagine what shenanigans they will pull off today. 

Today it is expected that Jodi will take the stand.  Not for questions, oh no, for a STATEMENT!  Yup folks, she's gonna get to speak her mind and no one can stop her and she wont be questioned.  (is it just me or does Jodi look a little looped?

This young person is keeping all her coins to herself.  She has many valuable things to protect and she is not going to let them out of her sight.  She knows she needs to keep her head together.  Keep her story straight.  Come up with something compelling to sway the jury.  Something new?  Perhaps. She has guarded her heart.  Oh my how she has guarded her heart.  She did dearly love Travis, even with her twisted ways and ideas.  She wanted him all to herself.  She didn't want to share him with anyone else.  Even in death she came up with some horrible stories that were intended to tarnish his name.  Why? To get herself off or perhaps a much lighter sentence.  But there's another angle.  She wants him all to herself.  Only SHE knew the REAL Travis and he is not what they all think he is.  And then there are her hands.  Ambidextrous she can and maybe did use both her hands to stab and shoot Travis.  Everything is guarded and kept close to her.

Yesterday we saw her lawyers trying to quit and throw the whole case out Nurmi at one point said if you wont do what I want then we will not call any witnesses.  Some apparently had been threatened, maybe some are fearful of the prosecuting pitbull (as they should be, he bites). Personally I think it's Jodi's way of controlling.  She has said she wants the death penalty, many times in fact.  I think it is just another immature fit of hers.  I don't think we'll hear her say that today.  I think it's why her lawyers want to quit.  She's difficult, controlling, aggravating and darn right nutty. The stress of this trial is overwhelming both of them.  (the defense lawyers) This was perhaps her way of saying she didn't want her family to speak as they were abusive to her.  One witness back out from fear but but we do know that there were a few witnesses still willing to testify.  

Or perhaps this is her way of trying to get a mistrial so she can do this all over again and do it much differently.  Perhaps it's a way to continue with the appeal process.  More and more for Travis family to endure.  It's heartbreaking.
This card is almost always about money for me.  Pentacles frequently speak of money and I often refer to them as coins.  All along I have gotten cards that have spoken of money.  As the trial progressed I see that more and more.  In the testimony much is spoken of money.  Travis had lent her money, he'd given her a car.  This girl did not graduate High School (on the outside) and certainly was looking for a man who could support her.  She was employed as a waitress or bar tender and certainly wanted a more prestigious position, one where she could shine and make a lot of money. Prison has not stopped her desire for success.  She continues to try to sell her artwork or raise money.  She has a few followers that have given her money so she can buy things from the commissary. 

It'll be interesting to see what comes up today.

Are you pulling cards for the Jodi Arias trial?  Link here, I'd love to see them.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Jodi Arias Murder Trial Penalty Phase

It is truly amazing to me that I would draw this card today.  There was a whole lotta drama in the court room.  The Defense Attorneys are wantin to quit.  Their witnessess are being threatened.  And they want to throw the whole thing in the can with a mistrial.  Yup. A whole lotta drama in the courthouse today.

Things are rapidly coming to an end and the animal instints are surfacing.  It's a life or death matter.  Grave importance.  And all along the way things have not gone well.  Her world is exploding.  People are tired and at their wits end.  It seems this horror will never end.  It just keeps getting worse.

And it's sad to say, this girl will not go down graciously.  The fight has only just begun.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

AND THE JURORS ARE IN DELIBERATIONS in the Jodi Arias murder trial

Verdict in the Jodi Arias trial????  Let's take a peak...

Verdict today? Let's ask the cards

The jury in the Jodi Arias trial is out for deliberations. According to HLN they've been deliberating for 13 hours. There is much ground to cover and I don't expect them to return a verdict soon. Still... I want to take a peak and see if they will return a verdict today.

I want to ask 2 questions. My first is a yes/no. Will the jury return a verdict today? And the second is an expansion of the first question. What is going on with the jurors today.

The first 5 cards are

The Chariot, Death, 9 of Swords, The Tower, Knight of Swords

Will the jury come back with a verdict today? Well it is possible, there are 3 yes's and 2 no's. I'm finding it interesting how often the Death card comes up and the number of Sword suits I get each spread. The 9 of Swords comes up quite often as well.

With just these cards I can see that the minds are mostly made up. The 2 no's are 9 of Swords (a frequent flier in the JA readings) and the Knight of Swords. So I would think that we have at least one juror that is plagued by the horrors of this trial. It's causing more than one of them to lose sleep and experience nightmares as a result. After following this trial all these months and looking at all the photos, I too have had a night or two of vivid dreams. The Knight of Swords could also be a hangup. Someone perhaps is going to hold things up with tedious discussions. There certainly is much evidence to explore and I would want them all to take their decisions very very seriously. The yes's are quite convinced that the death penalty is appropriate and are ready to convict.

Working from left to right we have The Chariot. The Chariot is all about movement of some kind and this particular card we see a tree on the edge of a cliff and the wind is carrying the leaves off and over the cliff in an erratic manner. It appears that the jurors are quite ready to move forward and move on with their lives. Death is on the table and all the jurors know that. Their decision could mean the death for this young woman. The 9 of Swords is incredibly sad. All those knives remind me of how dear Travis died. With many many knife wounds in the back. This also speaks of the unrest these jurors must surely be feeling during these last days of the trial. The Tower is my most feared card in the entire deck. It ALWAYS predicts doom or some sort of unpleasant crash. Followed by the Knight of Swords, who appears to be a difficult juror.

My thought?  I don't think they are ready for a final verdit today.  More discussion and thought is needed.  Not today folks...

More to follow.....



This is The Tarot of the Trees Tarot, the small version. Check Etsy for this wonderful deck.

I was wrong as I really thought that the jury would take a little longer.  This spread gave 3 yes and 2 no. Of the 2 no cards we have the 9 of Swords and the Knight of Swords.  Both of these cards are pretty graphic.  Take a look at the 9 of Swords with all the swords in the back. The Knight has a sword that is cutting into the neck of the treeBoth of these cards are pretty positive (yes) in this circumstance and cards already present. The jury did in fact come in with a guilty verdict today.