Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jodi Arias Death or Life

So as you know I've been pulling cards for the Jodi Arias murder trial.  Today I asked if the jury would vote for the Death Penalty.  Four yeses and 1 no.  Today I am off to a major meeting.  No time to write this out.


Me thinks I should have asked a better question.  While the answer is a positive yes (with 4 yes) there's a clue in the cards here.  

Two of Swords, Three of Pentacles, Eight of Cups, The Devil and the Hierophant

The Two of Swords is always a legal card to me.  The blindfold and the Swords in their position.  One interpretation is 'someone is not making a decision now.'  So we have a person in a legal position that is not able to make a decision. As of today I hear that the Jury was locked 8-4. The Hierophant lets me know someones spirit is troubled over this decision.  Three of Pentacles is a spiritual commitment card but it's also about teamwork.  This team is making a spiritual commitment to end another persons life.  While I'm disappointed in the hung decision I am very happy that they are taking their job very very seriously.  This is the most serious decision twelve people can make.

The 8 of Cups is  an emotional decision to move on and leave it all behind.  This very emotional trial has taken it's toll and everyone is ready to move on with their lives.  The jury is at a point where it needs to be done here and this is all they can do.  The addictive nature of The Devil has brought everyone to a critical point.  I wonder if any of the jury members had a clue that this trial would be followed by so many people. My son calls the trial my crack.  While in Mesa this month (Mother's Day with mom who happens to live in Mesa) I insisted on driving by the court house.  I wanted to see the media circus and see the crowds. The court was quiet, there was no crowd and only the Court TV trucks could be found on side streets.  Yup, I have JA trial fever.  

The first and last cards, 2 of Swords and Hierophant tell the whole story.  A decision that cannot be made due to a spiritual consideration.  

I want to personally thank the Jodi Arias murder trial jurors for their service to our legal system.  They invested a great deal of their time, this will change their lives forever and they made a personal decision after these long months of the trial.  Regardless of how I feel about their decision I am ever so grateful that these people were able to serve and do their job well.  It is people like all of them that makes our country great.

A great big heartfelt thank you.  I shall continue to pray for you as I know how very difficult this has been for all of you and may continue to affect your lives.

With a grateful thankful heart, I bid you peace

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