Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CoD Jodi Arias Trial

We're getting down to the wire folks.  The trial portion should be over soon no matter how much delay, recess and fits these lawyers can come up with.  After yesterdays hissy fits I can't even imagine what shenanigans they will pull off today. 

Today it is expected that Jodi will take the stand.  Not for questions, oh no, for a STATEMENT!  Yup folks, she's gonna get to speak her mind and no one can stop her and she wont be questioned.  (is it just me or does Jodi look a little looped?

This young person is keeping all her coins to herself.  She has many valuable things to protect and she is not going to let them out of her sight.  She knows she needs to keep her head together.  Keep her story straight.  Come up with something compelling to sway the jury.  Something new?  Perhaps. She has guarded her heart.  Oh my how she has guarded her heart.  She did dearly love Travis, even with her twisted ways and ideas.  She wanted him all to herself.  She didn't want to share him with anyone else.  Even in death she came up with some horrible stories that were intended to tarnish his name.  Why? To get herself off or perhaps a much lighter sentence.  But there's another angle.  She wants him all to herself.  Only SHE knew the REAL Travis and he is not what they all think he is.  And then there are her hands.  Ambidextrous she can and maybe did use both her hands to stab and shoot Travis.  Everything is guarded and kept close to her.

Yesterday we saw her lawyers trying to quit and throw the whole case out Nurmi at one point said if you wont do what I want then we will not call any witnesses.  Some apparently had been threatened, maybe some are fearful of the prosecuting pitbull (as they should be, he bites). Personally I think it's Jodi's way of controlling.  She has said she wants the death penalty, many times in fact.  I think it is just another immature fit of hers.  I don't think we'll hear her say that today.  I think it's why her lawyers want to quit.  She's difficult, controlling, aggravating and darn right nutty. The stress of this trial is overwhelming both of them.  (the defense lawyers) This was perhaps her way of saying she didn't want her family to speak as they were abusive to her.  One witness back out from fear but but we do know that there were a few witnesses still willing to testify.  

Or perhaps this is her way of trying to get a mistrial so she can do this all over again and do it much differently.  Perhaps it's a way to continue with the appeal process.  More and more for Travis family to endure.  It's heartbreaking.
This card is almost always about money for me.  Pentacles frequently speak of money and I often refer to them as coins.  All along I have gotten cards that have spoken of money.  As the trial progressed I see that more and more.  In the testimony much is spoken of money.  Travis had lent her money, he'd given her a car.  This girl did not graduate High School (on the outside) and certainly was looking for a man who could support her.  She was employed as a waitress or bar tender and certainly wanted a more prestigious position, one where she could shine and make a lot of money. Prison has not stopped her desire for success.  She continues to try to sell her artwork or raise money.  She has a few followers that have given her money so she can buy things from the commissary. 

It'll be interesting to see what comes up today.

Are you pulling cards for the Jodi Arias trial?  Link here, I'd love to see them.


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