Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful for me me..

I do not want to hear Christmas Carols.  I do not want to see Christmas commercials (except for the one where Santa is running in slo-mo to Target with his hair all flowing) and I don't want to walk into ANY store bombarded by Christmas glitz and glitter.  Until after Thanksgiving.

I want to enjoy each season, individually, in order, as they come.

Is this to much to ask????

Each holiday and season brings with it expectations and a certain amount of emotional and physical work. Like, cooking a ginormous turkey and all the fixins for 20 people.  It's enough to think them through one at a time.  November is my thankful month.  The month I focus on those wonderful people in my life that I am thankful for. And a time for the entire family to get together, catch up on all the gossip and just nurture those family bonds. 

I've been reading a lot these days about self-compassion and how we care more for others than we do for ourselves.  Women are much more prone to this. As mommies and nurturers we are always getting drinks and wiping spills.  Making sure dinner is ready and baths are hot.  It's just in us to care for the comfort of those we love. 

BUT sometimes we just gotta say, 'What about meeee???'

Even if you are fortunate enough to live with a nurturer you still gotta learn how to be compassionate to yourself.  It's more than just taking time to soak in a bubbly tub with a good book and a hot cup of tea.   Oh that's good too! Yes, do that! But I'm talking about taking this a little deeper.  I'm talking about being nice to yourself, forgiving yourself and well, being thankful for YOU!

This month I shall focus on being thankful for me.  For me! 

What about me would Tarot say I should be thankful for this week?

What about me am I thankful for?
What are those things about me that good?
What are those things about me that are not so good?

What about me am I thankful for?
The energy card is The Star, follow your dreams, magical solutions, heavenly illumination.
I am thankful for the path that I am following.  A mystical magical path. A safe place for me to grow and learn.

Affirmation: I am following my dreams.  I seek and understand magical solutions. I receive illumination from heavenly places.

What are those things about me that good?
The Ace of Swords! New ideas, new thoughts.
I have many great ideas.  They come in bucketful's at times.  I don't know what to do with them all. 

Affirmation:  I have many ideas. I create from these ideas. I have many new thoughts.  I use these thoughts to help myself and those around me.

What are those things about me that are not so good?
Temperance.  Ah, what is that! Temperance is good, is good! I sometimes am not patient with others. I get OCD on arts/craft projects.  I am not always a good listener.

Affirmation: I am patient with others.  I have balance between family/work/art. I focus on the task at hand.  I am compassionate and listen to others.

What about you are you thankful for?