Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ariel Castro Suicide or

Arial Castro suicide or ???

Arial Castro was recently convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder and was sentenced to life plus 1000 years. When he commuted suicide in his cell last week there was quite a buzz about it and some were even saying that the guards may have involved or negligent.

I decided to pull a few cards and see what I can see.

Center energy card. AC is represented on the left side of the spread.

The guards are represented on the right side of the spread.

The High Priestess                                      Son of Cups
Death                       Justice                       4 of Swords
10 of Swords                                            7 of Cups

The center card, Justice, is the energy card. Nuff said! I think spiritually justice has been done and the only proper ending for this situation. There is no way to recover the lost lives done at the hands of Ariel Castro. This is all very shocking to everyone involved however it is an appropriate ending to this horrid mess. Not even the house was permitted to live. It was torn down and completely removed and will never house another family. Think of all the intense energy that happened in that house. The neighborhood no longer has to deal with all the looky loos from disturbing the surrounding neighbors.

The cards dealing with AC are on the left side and we see some very revealing cards. The High Priestess, Death and 10 of Swords. All very telling cards for Mr. Castro. All are facing away from justice. The black cat has his body towards Castro. Not really looking. He looks at the reader and says, 'Justice'. All feelings aside certain things must be done in order to somehow make amends in order for these young ladies to move on with their lives. Because evil MUST face the consequences of it's actions. To the right of Justice is Death. While the Death card rarely speaks of actual death to me I am always surprised when the Death card comes up and really means death.

Just under Death we have the 10 of Swords. This is an unusually dark card. A bull can be seen in the darkened bottom of the card. Nine swords are piercing the skin of the bull and one sword is pierced through the eyes of the bull. Surely another death card. The pain of his captivity, what he has done and how can he now live with the aftermath was more than he could bear. Castro means castle, fortress. He created, protected and ruled his fortress with a cruel hand. Now he sees that same power will now be exerted over him and it was overwhelming.

The High Priestess is that great unknown. The unseen world. A strong proud man (as seen by the regal looking tiger) looked into the sphere and saw a place where he could be free of the pain and humiliation. A place where he will be understood. Perhaps even a place where he can find the love and companionship that he sought here on earth. It's where he will be seen and known as the proud strong roaring tiger he sees himself to be.

I see from the cards that he really did not believe he was a bad person. He felt he was a loving person. He never saw himself as a monster and many that knew him would say that is true! A kind and compassionate man that cared for and helped others. The media and court trial revealed things about himself that he did not believe. He never considered himself a monster and was mortified by the things he heard. He could not defend himself against the accusations. He felt he was not understood. Mistreated. Lied about. The world just did not know him.

The consequence of his actions was greater than he could bear. Death was his only recourse and he felt that he could be somehow redeem himself by killing himself. He didn't do it for anyone's benefit, only his own. He was not able to manage the captivity of the prison. Death afforded him freedom. Freedom from his endless torment. Freedom to the afterlife.

On his captors side (right side) the 4 of Swords hover over a gentle resting lamb. They were on watch and careful however they were lulled by their peaceful captive. They may not have checked him every 30 minutes as claimed. AC, an intelligent man certainly could have (and most likely did) time his actions in order to not get caught. AC most likely did not give them any trouble and they may have let their guard down. AC was obviously despondent and quiet. He may have even appeared to be sleeping. They were not prepared for what they found.

The Son of Cups and the 7 of Cups shows that these guards are sensitive and caring. They perform their duties in a compassionate manner. The 7 of Cups tells me that one of them was experienced enough to know the drill for men like AC. He knows all the tricks and understands the warning signs of men in this ward. I think the Son of Cups guard is going to experience a great deal of difficulty concerning this. He may be suspended as a result of this event. They both may experience a great deal of publicity over it. One of the guards may seek another position and not return to the prison. This is going to be a very emotional time for the guards. Emotionally they may relive the events and suffer as a result. They both are going to have to rehash their every movement over and over until this is totally resolved. These men will forever live with the memories of this event.

I do not see any indication that the guards were directly involved in the death of AC. I do think however that they may not have checked him every 30 minutes. AC was found around 9 in the evening. That is relatively early evening and I believe checks were still on schedule. From the cards I believe that AC timed his actions in order to not get caught.

NOTE: I pulled these cards on 9/7/13 and wrote up what I read. It needed to be cleaned up some before I posted this. Today I learned that the guards were placed on admin leave. That is to be expected as a death occurred. I found it interesting that Justice and Death came up where they did and I found the energy of the cards to be accurate.