Sunday, May 26, 2013

CoD The Fool

I'm enjoying the Aquarian Tarot for it's vintage feel and soft earthy colors.  Today I've pulled a card to see how my family gathering will go.

Ah, the Fool.  It is a sweet card for me and I enjoy seeing it in any reading.  It's always about new beginnigs and wonderful new starts. This fool is rather different from the Rider Waite.  This card could amost be a Page, maybe a Page of Wands.  
This intent fellow (young lady?) is looking backward.  These family gatherings are always stressful for me.  Some members of the family do not get along well and there is always a snipe or dig somewhere along the line.  Have I been guilty of them? I am ashamed to say that I am.  This Fool is not blindly stepping off a cliff not knowing what will happen next.  This Fool Is dressed and ready to roll.  Warm jacket, spiffy hat, a budding wand and a lovely flower.  He can clearly see the past and is quite focused on it.  Protected against the elements with a warm jacket. (we'll be picnicing at a campground, early evening, and it will be cool) A head covering to protect my mind from snipes and snips.  Ignore it, let the nonscense just roll off.  The budding wand, only allow my actions to produce fruit.  And the white flower is a gift of peace and restoration.  The Fool looks behind but looks at it through new fresh eyes, forgiving, bearing gifts of peace, but all the while protecting against the elements.

Ah Fool
Ah Peace


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