Monday, May 20, 2013

Jodi Arias Murder Trial Penalty Phase

It is truly amazing to me that I would draw this card today.  There was a whole lotta drama in the court room.  The Defense Attorneys are wantin to quit.  Their witnessess are being threatened.  And they want to throw the whole thing in the can with a mistrial.  Yup. A whole lotta drama in the courthouse today.

Things are rapidly coming to an end and the animal instints are surfacing.  It's a life or death matter.  Grave importance.  And all along the way things have not gone well.  Her world is exploding.  People are tired and at their wits end.  It seems this horror will never end.  It just keeps getting worse.

And it's sad to say, this girl will not go down graciously.  The fight has only just begun.


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