Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Zimmerman Verdict is in

The Zimmerman trial is over and the verdict is in.  I must admit that I am terribly conflicted over the verdict.  I will not bore you with the details as I'm sure everyone has their own difficulties with this trial.  I do know these families have suffered a great loss and that their lives will never be the same.

I thought that I would do a little spread for Mr. Zimmerman and how he will move on with his life.

Note:  I am using Orphalese for ease.  I'm not sure how to make them appear in the reverse position on this program so I'll just let you know when they came up reversed in my reading.

The Hangman reversed:
In the energy position we see that things are not what they appear, an illusion really.  The verdict was 'Not Guilty' but he certainly did take the life of a young person.  When we say that Mr. Z was not guilty what we are really saying is that the jury found him not guilty of the charges brought against him.  Spiritually they are not the same.  In this reversed position we see the Hanged Man in an upright position with his feet tied.  He is not really free to continue his life as he knew it.  He is now bound by this series of events.

Left positions, Mr. Zimmerman
The 4 Cups here is showing depression and social isolation. This is going to continue for some time in the future. The Ace of cups reversed is showing showing depression as well.  Unhappy, lack of joy and the Queen of cups reversed is another clue of disharmony in his emotional state with the addition of his wife.  She is suffering the effects of her husbands circumstansces.  No doubt she is experiencing the same responses from the public.  While Mr. Z is free from incarceration, he is a prisoner of his emotions and the public (media) opinion.

On the right side is the surrounding energies/circumstanses.

 Judgement is reversed here.  Yes this trial is completed and another one is on the way.  Mr. Z's legal battles are not over and in fact preparations are now being made for 'round 2'.  The Queen of Pentacles reversed is a very telling card concerning his marriage and home life. His home life is turned upside down.  Isolation comes up again.  His 'before' life is now gone.  It all seems so very hopeless.  We also have Death reversed.  Death is an ending a sign that something has come to a natural end and a new beginning is on it's way.  In this case Death (oh so sad that this is a real death) has not ended.  The result of this death is that it is not only an ending.  It's a death that caused and continues to cause more endings for Mr. Z.

I found this to be a rather sad reading.  This reading was done at the time of the verdict and the energies were quite high at the time and the public sentiments had not started at the time.

I believe these energies are going to continue for a little while yet.  Just my personal opinion.  I continue to pray for the families of Travon Martin and George Zimmerman.  May they find peace in this impossible situation.


The Gilded Tarot @Ciro Marchetti

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