Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Jane

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

I received a request from Jane who wants some general information about future finances.  She has a fondness for the All Hallows Tarot by Robyn Tisch-Hollister.  This is a sweet indie deck that reads RW traditional.  I've found it easy and accurate. I really love the images and there is a whole host of divination tricks in there.  Ouija boards, crystal balls.  Truly unique deck.  I think you can still purchase the deck here.   
Halloweenie reading for Jane.

Jane has a question about future finances.

7of Swords                                                     Strength

The Devil                 High Priestess               10 of Cups

8 of Wands                                                    The Lovers

The first thing I will say is there is much going on today that needs addressing in order to improve finances in the future.

The High Priestess is telling me that this spread concerns spiritual matters. Perhaps you have a spiritually based biz (lightworker?) But mostly I see things going on that are hindering your financial growth.  On the left I've got  The Devil is almost always addictions. If not chemical then some other addictive behavior. Always about bondage of some kind. So I'm seeing something going on that needs to be removed before you can move on successfully. I'm also seeing some theft or deception (most likely result of addictions) that is thwarting your progress. If you'll notice the 8 of Wands that in a traditional RW deck means movement. Here the arrows (wands) are stuck in a tree. Lots of movement, yes, however they are stopped and stuck. The theft and deception, result of an addiction (of some sort) results in stuck momentum.

In the future (right side) I see a lot of wonderful family support. I have Strength. The young woman looks concerned and maybe a little frightened. The wolf is on the watch and will let her know when something is amiss. 10 of Cups and the Lovers is letting me know that you have a whole lotta love going on. You can lean on them for support and wisdom. Comfort. This is where you will get the best assistance in order to move forward financially.

I apologize for the crappy pic. I didn't realize it was so blurry till I uploaded it. Also I drew 2 timing cards that I didn't show.

I see that you will be working on this for a little while. It's going to take about a year. The difficulty needs to be addressed, worked through and managed or removed. By the beginning of winter (next winter) this will all be behind you. You will have worked through all the difficulties and be productive and financially much better off.

I hope she finds this helpful.  


For the remainder of the month I will be doing free Halloweenie Readings.  I'll do as many as I can.  Drop me a comment and I'll pick a Halloweenie deck that suits your question.

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