Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Beverly

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month.

Beverly has an upcoming business idea and wants to know if it's a go or should she wait awhile.

I'm using the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.  This is a uber creepy deck with lots of unusual creatures and images.  Reads much like a traditional Rider Waite deck with a bit of a twist.  I find it accurate and fun.  I love these images and I'm looking forward to the other decks he has up his sleeve. muahaha....

Ok Beverly, we got the Tower smack dab in the middle! Oh nos! You see, The Tower is never a good card for me.  Utter destruction, people falling off the tower, shiz is on fire.  Well, it's all bad.  And that, dear friend is the energy of this project.  Wow!

So what now? Glad you asked.  On the left we have the SUN! YAY! And the Knight of Pentacles is rockin, but in the wrong direction.  7 of Swords, well he's eatin up all the swords.  So while I think this is a great idea with a lot of hope and potential, you need to change the direction some. 

Is there any hope for this project in the future?  Yes I say YES! Right down the middle the Sun needs to pass through the fire (Tower) to get to the Ace of Swords.  So something new is coming.  It could be an addition to the idea that is just what is needed to move forward.  Something is going to cause a change.  You may think your idea has been dashed to pieces.  It hasn't really.  Things needed to be shaken up a bit in order for you to focus on what is really going to work.  The Hanged Man (one of my  most favorite cards.) tells me you need to look from new eyes.  You know how you can't figure out something and you turn it upside down and around and all of a sudden you SEE it?  Looking at the thing with a different perspective.  Look and figure all angles and see if something shows itself.  The Queen of Cups is heading toward the knight.  She's going to bring all that fantastic energy back to the project and get him moving in the right direction.

Advice: For a timing card I got The Magician.  I don't use Majors for timing, this tells me there is some work left to do before you can resume this project.  You have all the tools, you have everything you need to complete and be successful here.  This project needs more research or needs reworking.  I'm also getting that you should enlist the help of some trusted friends to help you 'see' what needs to be worked. Maybe there is some new tool that will help you work through the problem. 

Thank you for allowing me to read for you.  I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any questions please let me know.  I'd be happy to answer them if I can.


Do you like the Deviant Moon Tarot? This is truly a unique deck and super fun to use during the Halloween season.  You can get yours delivered before Halloween!  Check it out!

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