Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloweenie Reading for Brenda

Being a deck hoarder collector I have a number of Halloween inspired Tarot and Lenormand decks.  They are perfect for the holiday but don't get much use otherwise.  Shame really as they are ga ga gorgeous!  In order to exercise them a bit I've decided to offer a few Halloweenie readings this month. 

Brenda would like to know if her mother will/should move up here.

I'm using the Halloween Tarot here.  Such a cute deck with imps and bats, pumpkins and ghosts.  This is a very user friendly, Rider Waite clone.  Easy and accurate.  You can pick up a deck for yourself, I've provided the links below.

I pulled 7 cards, energy in the middle, Brenda on the left and mum on the right.
So I see that Brenda is very worried about her mom.  I do see a move coming up. I see that mom is going through a tough time.  The Tower is always about catastrophic events.  She's a strong woman and it looks as if she is riding this storm pretty well.  Still I think she may need to be closer to her family.  The King of Pumpkins tells me that the hubs (or father figure, dad?) is a concern.  Is the hubs or dad in favor of the move?  I'm not seeing conflict.  I think it most likely will be a good move for everyone. 

I'm a yes on the move.  Mom is in need of assistance.  You are worried and need her as much as she needs you.  I think it will be a good move.

I'm not real sure on the timing issue.  I'm getting the 3rd week of July.  That's a long way away so I'm not too sure about that. 


You can get a copy of this charming deck on Amazon. 

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