Friday, December 7, 2012

Living Large with the Inner Child

I wanted to choose a deck for this month that expressed the Spirit of Christmas. You know, something light and fun. So while strolling through my decks one day, I spied! The Inner Child! Oh yeeaaah! That's what I'm talking about! Children! I think the Christmas season, the Spirit of Christmas, is for children and the Inner Child in all of us.

I had bought this deck some time ago because the images were so beautiful. The review said they were rather large cards but hey! I LOVE large cards. So of course when they arrived I said 'oh my, these are large cards!' At a whopping 3 8/16” by 6 ¼ these cards are GINORMOUSE.

 (wonky photo alert!) These are the cards.  A very simple blue back with a sun image.  Above is a regular playing card and the bottom is The Gilded Tarot which is average size for a Tarot card.  In order to not completely loose my mind I figured out that the Inner Child deck is as wide as my Tarot deck is long.  They fit in my hand comfortably as I overhand shuffle the deck.  I rarely riffle and I don't know how I would do that with this deck, the sturdy card stock is not very bendy.
 Another difficulty I had was finding a Tarot bag to fit it!  (did I mention these were big?) I found this Crown Royal bag that I saved and it fits in there great.  With extra room for any goodies I may want to tuck in there. 
 (fuzzy photo alert!)   And the Little White Book? Fagetabout it!
This is not your little flyleaf with words to small to read, nope, It's a full on book and it's 291 pages to boot! I am so looking forward to reading with this deck this month.  The month of the Inner Child.  Now go out there and have a super sparkly day!


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