Saturday, December 22, 2012

Silly Socks!!!!

You know what happened to me this morning? I WOKE UP!

The world, according to the Mayan's, was to end yesterday. NOW WHAT AM I SUPPPOSE TO DO?
This can only mean one thing. I now need to finish my Christmas shopping. GRRRR!

I think it's time for a very special pair of silly socks.  

TA DA!!!

Why it's Santa! And his eight tiny reindeer.  Although in my case these reindeer are not so tiny.  Santa here has seen a few to many washings and is coming apart a little.  These are certainly adorable and pretty warm too! however, I can NOT get them into a pair of shoes.  I have a really darling pair of flipflops but that just seemed wrong somehow.

Okay peeps, if you have not finished your Christmas shopping don't delay.  IF you are planning to go out today please meditate BEFORE and AFTER.  Because I'm predictin it's going to be awesome crazy out there.  I am going to stay home, wear my Silly Socks and have a party!!! Wheee!  The hubs' family is going to come over for some Christmas Cheer.  There will be lasagne, hot french bread and a huge tossed salad.  Easy peasy nice and breezy.  We'll exchange gifts and a whole lotta love.

Yes, the Gnomes will be coming and I am so not stressed about it!  Huh? How about that?

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