Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silly Socks!!! The Other Pair?


Are you ready for Christmas?   Because really? two more days!

Am I done? ummmmm.  Yes! No.... Just some last minute stocking stuffers, more gift wrap and tissue, tape, I bought 8 rolls of tape and they've all gone missing despite the dire consequences if each and every item in my Elf Kit is not returned, oh and one of those incredibly helpful gift wrap cutters that has also come up MISSING!!!

I really need to get my Silly Socks on, QUICK!!!

 This is one Silly pair of socks!  Sorry for the ridicules pic but it is not easy to get the full effect of this charming pair of socks.  Yes, they are TWO completely different socks.  One be blue, one be black.   Reindeer AND Ho Ho Ho.

Okay, here's the story.  I bought these lovlies for the Hubs.  You know, a little somethin somethin to liven up the Holidays.  The Hubs however is 1/2 Sasquatch and he could not get his adorable toodies in there.  So in a New York Minute they became my very own.  And then one day one sock came up missing.  No worries, I think, it'll turn up.  Then a sock from the other pair came up missing.  These were so durn adorable I decided to wear them together!  And you know what? No one notices!!! So of course I need to point it out to them.  I let them know I have another pair at home exactly like this! Then I laugh hysterically. This is a great trick for the Grinchy Grinch in any office!

It's been several years and 2 moves.  The other pair is still MIA.  I've already questioned the dryer but I think I'm going to have another chat with him and this time I'm turning on the HEAT!  (hehe)

Peace and giggles

Note from dryer: Buuurp! Wuz delishus!

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