Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tarot Guide to gift giving pt III

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.

Theresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list. This is a wonderful exercise to do with Tarot. Play along!!

NO!  NO!!   NO!!!

No no no!!!  You do not need to spend a lot on your family to PRVOVE you love them. What craziness that is. You do want to put some thought into your gift because you want your loved ones to feel special. So when I choose a gift for those close to me I choose one that says I love you. It says I love you in a way that expresses that closeness and intimacy that I have with them.

Peter Pan

For Char and Magoo, for my step-son and grand daughter I pulled Peter Pan. Rider-Waite equivalent of The Chariot. I think of these two more as Peter Pan. It's all about the fun!! In my head I see the scene from Hook where all the lost boys are sitting at the dinner table with nothing on their plates. Once they get Peter's creative juices flowing they all begin to throw brightly colored food. Hilarious. So I'm heading to the toy store. I'm thinking some kind of cool new game. A board game perhaps. Or maybe some other sort of interactive thingy. There's gotta be something fun that they both can enjoy. 



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