Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inner Child deck review pt III

Deck interview with The Inner III
What are your limits as a deck?
Eight of Hearts

Twin merchildren are playing trumpets as the sun slowly rises and chases away the darkness. A bird sits calmly, enjoying the concert. Tiny winged hearts dance on the waters ready to take flight at any moment. I am a deck that is going to reveal your emotional issues. You know, those issues that have affected you from childhood. I will help you find the music in your life. I'll show you the areas of deep understanding so that you may grow and prosper on your spiritual path.

Priscilla says
This is such a happy card, all sunrises, music and children. This is a very happy and positive deck. The cards are bright colorful and filled with music and happiness. I think the limits of this deck is that it is going to bring out those hidden things. The troubles from long ago. They will bring them to the surface so that you can properly work through them.


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