Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tarot Guide to gift giving pt IV

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wonderful post on Christmas gift giving using the Tarot as a guide. Absolutely fabulous post that you must read here.
Theresa pulls all the Majors from her deck and has written a gift guide for each of the majors. This month I am using the Inner Child deck by Isha Lerner as my go to deck for the month. I have found that this deck does not work as a traditional Rider-Waite deck so I've had to add some different meaning to her list. This is a wonderful exercise to do with Tarot. Play along!!

Don't panic! This is no time to panic!!
Seriously, you have 6 more days. Plenty of time, plen-ty. Now grab your deck and get those creative ideas flowing!

Hahahaha! How funny I should pull this card for them. The Gnome family is always difficult to buy for. After losing their home in the Real Estate crash they moved into their motor home. This is a ga ga gorgeous coach that even has a washer/dryer. It's beautiful, large and comfy. Still, for a family of four and two dogs it can get claustrophobic. Not to mention, what DO you get for a family that doesn't need more stuff? They really need to get away and change up the scenery a little. We can't afford a nice vacation for them but we can give them a day out at the amusement park. And it just so happens Snow White and those adorable dwarfs makes regular appearances at the local park. Hmmmm.

Holiday Hugs

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