Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than it made my little grand daughter laugh all day.

Well tomorrow it is Christmas and normally I would say, 'if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping your pretty much screwed'. But I believe in the spirit of Christmas, the season of perpetual hope. Yes you CAN tackle the large crowds of cranky procrastinators but first you will wait the mile and a half to get OFF the freeway and then you will stalk, I mean follow shoppers to their cars so you can get their parking spot. (only to discover they are dropping off their loot to go back for more!) Ah yes, the true spirit of Christmas. This sounds about as much fun as camping in front of Best Buy for 2 days for $10.00 off that Big Screen TV!!!

I digress....Today is a uber quiet day for me. Christmas with the Hubs family was Saturday and all is cleaned up and back to Christmas Quiet in the Smith house. The Boy (aka: my oldest) and his fiance will be dropping by today sometime. We'll take our furchild to the park. We'll drink hot chocolate, have a big bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup (with real homemade by me noodles! YUM!) Because my rule is, If I'm not done for Christmas by now, FAGITABOUTIT! Woman up, make your apologies and creative excuses and move on. 

My gift to me is to know that what I do is important. My family knows and love me. They'll forgive me way sooner than I'll forgive myself.))

Christmas Bliss

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