Monday, December 3, 2012

Penny's business plan good/bad? Yes/no?

Penny Lane's business plan
Penny is a good friend of mine and has me 'throw down' for her when she needs a little direction. Because I'm such a good friend I always choose a new deck to play with or a deck I'm not so comfy with to answer her questions. I help her, she helps me, all good. I wanted it to be quick and easy so I used a 5 card yes or no. With regular playing cards, reds are yes and blacks are no. Jokers are left in and they become wild cards. 

Deck: The Key to the Kingdom Transformation Playing Cards by Tony Meeuwissen
This is not a Tarot deck it's more of a combination of Oracle and Playing cards.
Querent: Penny Lane
Penny has given permission to post this read, her name has been changed. 
Question: I'm trying out a new business system and want to know if these principles will work with my business plan.
2 Diamonds, 8 Hearts, Q Diamonds, Q Clubs, 10 Spades, (hidden 9 Spades)
3 yes, 2 no (3 no)

At first glance the answer is yes 3 to 2. This means a very positive outcome but there are some concerns.


2 of Diamonds: Looks like a party! Would you like a piece of fancy smancy cake? We have a delightful little parrot holding a tea kettle so cake and tea it is! Is this idea a piece of cake? A no brainer? A sweet idea? Looks like a very positive card. Also looks easy, right? A piece of cake! 2 of diamonds is a great money card as well. 2 ideas coming together. Could be a choice and a good one at that!

8 of Hearts: Laughing Mouse Cheese. This looks like those laughing cow cheese wheels. I saw this as a process. A cheese making process. My friend is not making cheese of course but you take cream and whatever else you need for cheese and then there is a process that turns that liquid cream into a smooth delicious solid. But you can't stop there! Now there is packaging. You gotta slice, cut and wrap those little darlings in pretty paper and then market the whole kit n kaboodle.

Queen of Diamonds: A shrewd business card, this lady is the go to girl. Take a good look at this card. The Queen of Diamonds is a chess Queen. Chess is a game of strategy and maneuvers. The Queen is not bound by rules of motion. She can go anywhere, anyway. Up, down, sideways. One square at a time or all across the board. A powerful piece to be sure. On this board there are limited free spaces to move. The majority of the spaces have stuff in them. Stuff that is important to look at. In front of her is a die. It's a gamble to move forward. (isn't it always?) But why? Wells there's fish heads on either side of her. I think they are shrimp, either way, I see them as a watery entity. Something clearly moving under the surface. Fishing for money, food, it takes skill and luck to catch and enjoy. There' a little mouse encroaching on the die square. Could there be a troublesome little critter mucking up the works, causing the gamble/luck to go one way or the other? His little tail begins in a shrimp square so he is interfering with the fishing and making it a gamble. There is a button in front of mouse. Buttons are a very functional item. Personal even. There's a little mouse keeping her from making this decision functional. Some fear? Uncertainty? Perhaps a partner, associate, family member chatting sweet negatives in her ear? Behind the Queen we have yummies, a piece of candy, cup of tea, chocolate cat, something that looks like jello and a round thing that could be candy or a marble. In the past it's been sweet, not a lot of drama. But it's time now to make some important changes and take a new direction. The new direction is not as sweet, it's going to take a different kind of work. It's fraught with uncertainty, it's a bit of a gamble. And there is an unidentified mouse chewing holes in the idea. It's worth taking that risk and moving in a positive direction but know that there will be stuff to work out.

Queen of Clubs, Queen of air. Since blacks are no this Queen tells me that her biggest adversary is going to be her own mind. She is focused, she is powerful, she is QUEEN! But there is a little naggy thing on the end of her staff. It looks a little silly, 'Yo Queenie! Ya gotta feret on the end of your stick there!'

Lastly we have 10 of Spades. A jar full of funky looking tadpoles. (pardon me my dears but this looks like sperm! :O And tadpoles are a wonderful thing! They start out as fish, grow arms and legs, loose the tail and viola! They walk on land!! these little darlings are contained in a water (emotions) in a jar (mind) just swimming around happily. There will be some time needed before these pretties can grow legs and walk on their own.

OOOPS! Not so lastly, I happen to notice a sticker, under the laughing mouse we have the 9 of Spades. Another no after all. Those little tadpoles appear here now. Growing out of a tree. They still have no legs but now they are attached and can not move as freely as they did in the water.

So we have 3 themes going on here. We have Diamonds, money, we have tadpoles, idea and we have mouse (and whatever that silly thing is on the end of her stick) which is the obstacle.

The business idea is a good one and has lots of components to it. I would recommend that she take the time to thoroughly understand the concepts and let them grow naturally. Don't take them out of the water to soon. Penny has a somewhat regular meditation practice so I told her to really contemplate the ideas she's reading about and let them mature a little. There's still a whole lot of work ahead of her and she'll need to get some clear direction first. AND she needs to figure out what that little mouse is and what it's doing to her business plans. She should definitely move forward as it looks like a pretty positive direction at this point.

I regret that I didn't do a timing card for her. I'm thinking about that now and she didn't ask at the time. That's good I think. She certainly has a lot to think about here.


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