Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day X Gathering/casting seeds

Welcome to NaBloPoMo November 2012!

For the entire month of November I will focus on The Golden Moth Illumination Deck created by the ever so talented Aijung Kim. This is a wonderfully unique and original oracle deck. It's not a traditional Tarot deck but rather an intuitive oracle deck of simple drawings that will knock your socks off. The deck consists of 75 cards, 7 of which are blank and you are encouraged to draw your own cards.

Check out Aijung blog in the featured link on the right side of my blog.


Gathering seeds, Casting seeds
I'm not sure what this is really. Kind of reminds me of casting runes. I gather them up with my two hands, yes, all of them. And then drop them onto my cloth for reading. Ok so maybe you don't cast your runes or even read runes, so then it looks like gathering seeds or spreading (casting) seeds. What 'seeds' are you gathering? What seeds are you casting? What ideas are you gathering? Something in its infancy? Is casting the best method for the seeds you have? If you are just throwing out your precious seeds ideas are they landing on fertile soil? Perhaps you should take just a few and plant them where they can do the most good. Yes, that means more work and effort on your part but you want results, right?

What fabulous idea are you casting out there? What are you gathering up?


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