Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day XXI Happy Home

Welcome to NaBloPoMo November 2012!

For the entire month of November I will focus on The Golden Moth Illumination Deck created by the ever so talented Aijung Kim. This is a wonderfully unique and original oracle deck. It's not a traditional Tarot deck but rather an intuitive oracle deck of simple drawings that will knock your socks off. The deck consists of 75 cards, 7 of which are blank and you are encouraged to draw your own cards.

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Happy Home
I think every deck comes with a Happy Home card of some sort. This card happens to fall on a very special day. It' is my parents 53 anniversary! My parents, now in their 70's are both still alive and kicking. This day I want to celebrate the life they have given me and the life they have together. While not perfect they provided a safe and loving home for me and my sibling. We enjoyed many vacations together. ROAD TRIP! Has always been a mantra of my father who loves nothing better than to hop in the car and drive for a few hours just to 'see' something. We all loved car trips. Mother would sleep mostly, I swear she can snore before the car leaves the driveway. My brother would enjoy a leisurely nap too. But me, no, I was in charge of the map. My parents will still hop in the car and take off. GPS has replaced the little freckled mapper my father counted on for many years. It is truly a blessing to have family. To have a wonderful loving family. Thanks dad and mum. You're still the rock in my life and I love you.

Happy Anniversary!

Smooches hugs kisses

Your kid

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