Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tea Ching

The weather is cooling and it's time for a nice cup of hot tea.  Don't you agree?  Most mornings when the weather cools I fix myself a cup of tea with loose leaves.  Sip slowly, and when done I read the smutz left behind.  Sometimes I have a question, sometimes I just let the leaves tell me a story. 
A Flutterby!   Leaves near the handle are me, they could also be family or close friends.  Going away from the handle are events that have happened or events moving away from you.  I have a butterfly in this area and it's also quite close to the rim.  The rim is your happy zone. A butterfly is a symbol of transformation, flight, and generally it's a happy symbol for me.  We do have an issue here at work that is changing.  It's not changing for the better though.  The butterfly is flying up up and away.  What started out as a good thing has become something much more difficult. 
In the bottom of the cup we have issues that are more heavy, emotional.  They are kind of like the Major Arcana in that they are larger issues, events or emotions that are not easily worked through.

To the left we have a cat.  Difficulties caused by treachery, quarrels, meaness. Ay ay ay!  In my day job I work as a mediator of sorts.  This is a situation that I can't solve easily.  I'm going to have to go to 2 different parties and work out a solution that will make everyone happy.  That is not going to be an easy task.  It involves an significant and necessary expenditure, some someone will have to pay for it, and neither one wants to.  Meaness and quarrels are already in the ring.  Some lying and deception is going on as well. This cat is sitting and unmovable. Both parties are set in their opinions. Unmovable.

Just above the cats head is a scepter.  He who holds the scepter rules the kingdom. We ultimately have to make a decision and both parties will have to abide by it.  That wont stop them from complaining and believe me, they will. 

Geesh!  I think I'm done with these leaves... I'm leafing....

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