Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marge meets Bart's new girlfriend

The story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Marge meets Bart's new girlfriend...

My dear friend Marge is going to meet her son's new girlfriend for the first time this weekend.  She is anxious about this for a lot of reasons and asked for a little insight about the meeting.  Since Halloween is right around the corner I thought a theme spread would be a fun thing to do.

Trick or Treat spread
  1. Costume: what you're wearing for the party – the situation
  2. Trick: the shadow/the unexpected
  3. Treat: the positive side/opportunities
  4. The candy bag: what you can take home – the outcome

This spread originally came from Aecletic Tarot   but I saw it at Angelos  first.

Marge is asking a general question about the meeting. Her son Bart was/is a bit of a playboy and is always falling in love. Married and divorced this young man has also lead a troubled life for some time. Recently he's turned over a new leaf and has been doing very well for a little over a year. This is the first girlfriend he's had since his recovery and Marge is a bit nervous about meeting his new girl. 'He sounds like he's ready for marriage and I haven't even met her yet!!'

Take a deep breath Margie, let's see what the cards have to say.
  1. The Costume: What are you wearing to the party? (the situation)
  2. The Trick: The shadow, the unexpected
  3. The Treat: The positive side/ opportunities
  4. The Candy Bag: What you get to take home – the outcome
The costume: The situation - 9 of Coins
A lovely card. Enjoying the results of your hard work. Marge is a hardworking and nurturing mother.  She has other children who have all grown to be wonderful independent adults.  Marge has always felt that she could have done something more or something different in raising Bart.  She has continued to support and encourage Bart even through his most challenging times.  Bart, even with his difficulties, is still a compassionate and wonderful man.  She needs to remember that she did a great job getting her children to this point.  Bart will be 30 soon and her real work as a mommy is done. It's now time to be mother and friend. She can relax and be happy for her son. She need not make a judgment, just enjoy the moment with her family.

The Trick: The shadow/unexpected – The Chariot
Marge should be a little careful about the movement of the meeting. Marge is divorced for some time and Bart still has some unresolved issues regarding the divorce and her new husband. She should be cautious and look for signs that the conversation is going to open old wounds. Once it takes off in a bad direction she may not get it back on track again. I think the Chariot is heading in a hugely positive direction.  She is very familiar with the things that will set Bart off.  I think Bart is so excited about introducing his sweetie that the meeting will go very smoothly.

The Treat: The positive/opportunity – The Page of Wands
Ciro explains this page: Mischievous. Enjoys drama, is easily bored, and likes to stir up the pot wherever she can. She looks as if she has just hatched some improbable plot which will no doubt provide her with much amusement.

Marge says this describes her son exactly. Mischievous, Drama loving and certainly likes to stir the pot. What's so positive about that? In her son's excitement to show off his new girl he will most likely be distracted and much of the old drama is going to be put aside for the moment. She should create a happy welcoming environment for the meeting. Her thoughts are to have a nice family dinner where they can sit, eat, and chat. Get to know her a little better and watch how the two interact.

Candy Bag: the outcome – 9 of Coins
Huzzah! A great card! Focus, hard work, skilled labor. Marge is going to do just fine. Don't get too emo about the whole thing. Focus on the goal. She loves to cook, maybe she can focus on a special meal, one her son especially loves. Focus on welcoming this young lady, perhaps as a future daughter in law. Focus on the details. Perhaps a nice little gift for the young lady. I expect this little meeting is going to go very well. It looks good for building a nice foundation for the future.

Peace dear friend

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