Friday, October 12, 2012

Should Pebbles take the Broker exam???

The story you're about to hear is true.. The names have been changed to protect the innocent...

My dear friend Pebbles has been kicking around taking the Brokers state exam.  Personally I think it's a no brainer but there are some issues that she is concerned about.  She asked if I would pull some cards for her.  I chose a yes/no spread for a quick answer and hopefully address some of her concerns.

And the answer is.....YES!!! See I told her it was a no brainer!

Every single card is a yes! And 4 out of five cards are majors.

She has some personal concerns regarding the test but mostly I just think it's a big step for her and she is afraid.  Also she admits she is a tad lazy.  Preparing for the exam will be taxing with her very busy work schedule. But lets look at the cards and see if we can't relieve some of her concerns.

6 of Wands VICTORY!!
She has the support of her employer, husband and friends and they are all cheering her on.  I also take this to mean that she will pass her test.  She hates taking tests, I don't know anyone that loves them, she tests well because she prepares well.  She's going to be able to pass that test.  I know she can do it, we all know that she can do it.

The World!!   Another victory card!
The World says she is going to be victorious with this exam.  It's also going to open quite a few doors for her.  It will not change anything with her present job but she knows (everyone knows) she is going to branch out someday and she will need to be a broker to accomplish that goal. 

Empress... bearing much fruit 
The Empress can mean many things.  Pebbles is a very empathic nurturing mother.  She wants to take care of everyone first.  This card tells me that she needs to prepare for her future goal.  This is a very earthy Empress and Pebbles is a very earthy girl.  A Taurus, she is very grounded.  Sometimes too grounded.  She needs to plant the seeds for her future goals.  This decision is going to be very fruitful for her. This is going to help her support herself and her family in the future.

Hangman... turn the world upside down.
Some see the Hangman as a negative energy but I never have. I love the Hangman!  I love turning things over and seeing what is underneath.  Seeing things from another angle.  Things are never what they seem and if you turn them over you'll see things you would never see upright.  Pebbles is not really seeing the upside of this decision.  I think the process of preparing and taking the test is going to reveal stuff she didn't realize.  It could also mean that becoming a broker is going to tip the apple cart.  It could set in motion things she's not seeing at the moment.  Still with all the positive cards, these things are going to benefit her in the long run.

Temperance... avoiding excess
I'm not sure what this means here for her.  She's a careful girl and not prone to excess.  Except for the usual stress and worry she's pretty balanced, or tries to be.  Perhaps this is telling her to maintain balance.  Don't get so caught up in the study.  She may isolate herself and obsess over this test. Hiding herself away from friends and family while she worries and frets and studies.  Take it easy, relax, just do what you do and don't worry.  You'll be fine.. We're all here for you girl.

Much love my friend

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