Friday, April 19, 2013

A reading for Jodi Arias

I am totally consumed with the Jodi Arias trial going on right now.  Every day I'm tuned in. I intently watch when I'm able and it plays quietly on my computer while I work.  Consumed? That would be a yes!!! I find it disturbing and fascinating at the same time.  My oh my, what's a Tarot reader to do???

Why, I must draw cards!  Throw it down P, here we go....

This is my new deck, it's the Tarot of the Trees. I got the small version which is pretty dang cool, smaller in size than my poker deck, card stock, awesome! shuffles like a dream.  Colors? Well, they are beeyouteeful! A gently watercolored deck. All about trees, no peeps, just trees.  Want to get your own adorable deck?  Click here.

Alrighty, on to the reading.  Now I pull cards darn near every day.  I ask different questions depending on the events of the day.  This day I just pulled a general, what's going on in JA's head today?
And I got.....
 Nine of Wands and The Devil.  Now in this deck the wands are causing the tree to bow. (yes I could see this another way, and if they were swords...) All of her troubles and trials are causing a great pressure on her to the breaking point.  I always read The Devil as addictive behaviours and is pretty fitting for this young woman.  JA is a woman consumed with uncontrolled emotions that have gotten her into more chains and bondage
Temperance is the goal here.  Perhaps challenge. Temperance is about balance, moderation, something that Jodi is not well known for.  The internal influence is 5 of Wands.  That internal conflict, look at the way the limbs all grow together in a weird way.  Impossibly wrong and yet so much apart of this akward tree that it appears normal.  The external influence is the Ace of Swords.  Seeking truth!  So fitting as the trial attemps to figure out the truth about this horrible crime.
 What needs to be released? Pleasure, luxury.  At one point in the trial a comment is made of the smallness of the closet and how pristine it all looks after an alleged struggle in there.  JA's response was very telling. 'It's bigger than the cell I live in, it's not small!' She could have lived a life of a gifted photographer and artist. Now she will spend her life in a tiny room, smaller than a closet.

What needs to be accepted. The Emperor.  Structure, rules, order, living under the authority of the legal system.  I don't know how's she has accepted this new life but this is her life now.
 The 2 future cards, Justice and the 7 of Wands.  Will Justice be done? I hope so for Travis and his family and facing opposition.  She will need courage, steadfastness and tenacity to defend her views.  Does she have what it takes? 
Are you throwing down for the Arias trial?  Share your spreads!!



  1. That was a very cool reading. The nine of wands in that deck looked to be as if these new growths cared nothing for their source of life nor had anything to add or give to it. It struck me as almost parasitic.

  2. Oh goodness Amanda! I just now caught your comment. Thank you for commenting.

    You're right, it does!!

    I sure can't wait for the new trial to start up!



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