Friday, October 26, 2012

An interview with the The Golden Moth Illumination Deck

After receiving this deck last month I've worked with them every day.  I have a fondness for oracle decks and this one is the most chatty of them all.  They speak simply and clearly and I've found them to be an exceptional deck for all types of reading. 

The first thing I do after receiving a new oracle or Tarot deck is clean them.  No, not clean as in soap and water, it's more of a cleansing of energies.  Sometimes items will pick up stray energies along the way.  When you (or anyone) touches something you leave behind a bit of yourself.  Much like a fingerprint, energies are left behind by an individual that can be picked up by someone else.  I very often will buy used out of print decks but even new decks will be touched by a number of hands before they reach your mailbox.  This time I decided not to cleanse them but to work directly with the energies of the deck creator.  It's been over a month and I've still not cleansed them. I'm enjoying the energy that they came with. 
Another thing I do shortly after receiving any new oracle is do an interview of the deck.  This is popular with many readers as it gives you an opportunity to find out a decks strengths and weaknesses.  If you read from multiple decks you know that all decks read just a little bit differently and this is a great way to get to know your individual decks.    This deck came with a spread sheet layout called The Arrow. I decided to use this spread to ask a few questions of this beloved oracle.

If you watch the video above you'll get to see the cards I'll be reading.  Also in the beginning I show you how this deck came to me and all the wonderful goodies it came with.

Interview of The Golden Moth Illumination Deck
Past – Snake up a Hill
What can you tell me your past?
Well you know, it was a difficult climb, me not having legs and all. But I was persistent, I just kept moving forward. I always had my goal in mind and that was to get to the top of the hill.  Now that I've reached the summit I'm ready to roll!  I'm heading down to meet all my new owners!

Present – House Frame
Tell me a little about yourself today?
I'm really a work in progress, yes the artist had certain things in mind when she created us but really, she just created a foundation for the reader. Each reader of these cards is going to build on the ideas of the artist Aijung Kim and develop their own language and interpretations for each card.

Goal – Marching Ants
What would you say your goal is for yourself and the reader?
Oh my oh my oh my! So many goals, so little time. We are a hard working bunch as you can see. We are busy busy busy. Busy gathering and delivering tasty nuggets for interpretation to each holder of these ethereal cards. And it's endless really. It is our goal to take our readers on to the next level or a different level. Little by little each reader can achieve any goal they set for themselves. Be patient, be persistent, continue to take tiny steps onward.

External Influence – Locked Gate
What would you say your greatest external influence is?
Sometimes external influences will keep you from realizing your potential, your goal. Sometimes we see problems as a locked gate, we can't get in there, something is keeping us from understanding, from seeing. (Where's that damn key!!)  But what if we could show you a way in? What if we could show you that the gates can't keep us from seeing inside?  Look closely, you can see through the bars of this beautiful ornate gate. Did you know that you could still peek inside and see the future? The gate only lets us know that we can't walk in tomorrow until sunrise but we can still see what is ahead in order to make changes today.  Today is the gate that leads to tomorrow.  

Internal influences - Spring Tree
I love this card! What can you tell me about internal influences?
Newness! Just like an old tree, sturdy, grounded, it's been around forever and yet it changes throughout the year. Going through the natural cycle of life. Internally I speak of spirituality. I will show you a new way of divining. Take your time with us, you'll soon see small shoots of new growth that will gradually leaf and bud and produce fruit. Growth such as this is slow and steady. Take your time to get to know us. Use us often. See what will come of our wisdom.

Release – 4 Shells
What will I need to release when working with you?
I don't know. 4 shells? This is one of those cards that stumped me, like a lot. When ever I get a card that I don't understand sometimes I will pull another card to help me out a little. Sometimes I will just say, I don't know, and move on. But for the rest of the day that card will imprint its little ole self in my brain and nag at me.

After a few days (yes, days!) I came up with something I could work with. Shells come from the sea, which represents the vast expanses of the unconscious mind. The number four represents foundations, stability, security. We have all built a foundation from which we work with our oracles. A safe place that we have created. A starting place. As a group we will teach you how to release the structure that you are comfortable working with. We'll teach you a new way to draw from your intuition. See what the tide releases, gather the shells that are washed ashore.

Accept – Worm Weed
What will I need to accept when working with you?
Worms are the powerhouses of the garden, if you are a gardener you are well aware of all the benefits of this lowly creature. Inching it's way through your subconscious it will aerate and loosen all the impacted soil, releasing the bits trapped in there, all the while leaving behind fertile matter for increased growth. This is not instantaneous like a microwave. You may not even notice what is going on from the surface. We work quietly, silently, steadily, continuously. You'll see the results eventually on the surface. Take your time. Notice the subtle changes. Accept them graciously.

Near Future – Bird Cage
What can you tell me about the near future in working with you?
I'm a bird in a cage, not trapped as you can see. Contained in this deck is great wisdom. Listen carefully to the song we sing. We'll always be here, waiting for you to open us up and let us sing our song to you.

Distant Future – Man from the Moon
How will you affect the distant future in working with you?
We will work with your guides in delivering messages from them to you. Unlocking secrets, we will show you the things hidden in the dark. We will illuminate those areas you may not have seen before. We will help you to follow the shinny lights so that you can make the right decisions for your life. Continue to hold us near and dear. The future? You can have it all! The moon and the stars are yours!

Much love, The Golden Moth Illumination Deck

Thank you darlins,

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